Thursday, December 29, 2011

What I am loving at the moment.

Number 1 As this year comes to an end I am arming myself with all the arsenal I need to get my butt off the lounge and out into the world of personal fitness. I know, I know, WE all say it every year, but this year I mean it. I'm 42 in June and I've got to move it move it, before I can't find it, find it!!
Now my biggest issue is know the way it goes ...I haven't got anything organised, I don't have an outfit to wear, I can't possibly exercise today as it's a slightly azure blue sky not a sky blue sky etc etc.
So I eradicated all of these issues and have acquired the new gym membership and have left strict instructions with said gym to harass me if I am a no show.
I have the new trainers (as my dog ate my last ones...really he did!!) they came with the new membership so bonus on that issue.
And I have bought the prerequisite  new gym outfit.
So that brings me to my first thing I am loving at the moment....
I am loving that Lululemon has opened at the local Westfield at Carindale. They have brilliant Yoga and gym wear and I was waiting and waiting for them to open in Australia. I have always been a big fan and regularly shopped there when in Santa Monica in The States.
Here is what I have purchased for that ummm transitional stage....hides the bad bits and lets you move. Fabric is so comfortable like wearing pj's.

Nice baggy top over built in crop Yay!!

Very sucky in fabric holds it all up and in.
The pants have got great waist bands that are nice and high. So I'm set for excercise come 2nd of Jan!

 Number 2  One of my bestest friends and comrade in arms Sonya Driver  has been very clever and invented Australia's first Organic tan. I have known her for many years and she has had many ups and downs, but she has persevered and made her a dream a reality. Her product Eco Tan has gone international and she is an inspiration.
The colour makes me feel and look a lot healthier without all the mysterious nasty chemical contents that other self tanners have. Smells lovely, goes on like moisturiser and we can't keep up with demand at the shop.

Number 3 I am always loving Atlantic Pacific blog. She has quirky style and I wish I could look as groomed and well put together as her one day.

Number 4 In February is the annual Designer Bloggers' Conference in LA. I am going!!!
I am definitely loving that!! 

Other things I'm loving at the moment are
5. My ipad 2....kicks 1's butt
6. Inspirational, creative women that I am surrounded by.
7. My Children are always my favourite things of course but at the moment they are xtra fabulous.
8. The fact that 2012 is going to be bigger and better for everyone.
9. All my friends and family that have stuck by me and listened and encouraged through some very tough times.
10. All my fabulous clients that have inevitably become good friends.

What are you loving at the moment???

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