Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Going Grey!!!

Sorry haven't blogged for a while. End of financial year, stock take and school holidays have left me in a fragile state.  Ahhh there's nothing like a stock take to get you reaching for the Gin & Tonics in the evening!!! Seriously it all looks so beautiful in the shop, but it's a pain in the butt to count!
So all that done with and a new shiny financial year ahead I have been putting my adult ADD to good use and have decided that Lily G needs a Coffee Shop. Now!! So me being me, I have been out sourcing the perfect coffee, the perfect cakes and perfect bits and pieces. It is all in the last stages and we are doing a soft opening on Monday 25th of July....I know!! next week!! Crazy aren't I?!?
We are serving Blue Sky coffee which is roasted here in Brisbane and is owned by two overachieving doctors who love food, coffee and wine (I know!! isn't being a doctor enough??) They make gorgeous, creamy coffee that is so smooth and helps this little chicken sing through the day.  Our cakes and open sandwiches are sourced from a chef that makes everything from scratch with organic eggs, milk and lots of love invested into each morsel.
Hope everyone that lives local can come in and say hello and try out our new venture.
By the way I am currently sitting in the hairdressers while blogging. The grey hair is starting to win the territorial battle over my head and I can't just pull it out now or I would be bald in a week!!

On that subject here are some beautiful images of a different and decidedly more elegant display of grey.
Candia Fisher

from House of Turquoise

Gorgeous Catherine Martin Rug, wallpaper and fabric. Rug available at Lily g

montage from Live, breath decor

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