Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I am writing this blog from Nargano Japan. Sitting in a cosy hotel in front of a blazing fire as snow falls outside in bucket loads. It is a virtual Winter Wonderland here and I half expect the characters of Narnia to appear from behind the pine trees it looks so surreal. 
The last couple of weeks rushed by in a blur and due to Xmas Sale, 2nd sons mysterious illness, finalising sale of the house and trying to find a place to live, I haven:t had time to wish everyone a merry Xmas....and now here it is New Years Eve already!!!
What a year for myself and nearly everyone I know. I:m sure if I was into the significance of numbers 2010 would surely be a year that represents change, evolution, creativity and upheaval.
This year I have achieved so much and learnt many lessons good and bad, I have met so many wonderful and talented women who with a generosity of spirit and heart have helped me navigate through the stressful territory of small business and  made me feel welcome in a industry that I love.
I hope that 2011 brings every ones dreams into reality and is a year that will be bigger and better than the last. But I know that as women (not being sexist but it is from the only point of view I know) we have so much pressure from society and most of all from ourselves to be these super beings and I for one feel compelled to run around a million miles an hour just to achieve what I need to in an average day. So now as the year draws to an end I have found myself a little world worn and weary at having to be all and have all.  I feel a slow life movement coming and encourage all the you creative, driven, achieving women out there to join me and be kind to yourselves and sit for a little longer, let the house stay messy for a couple of hours more, talk to your friends for a few more minutes, have that extra coffee and just enjoy the slow moments.
Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Shopping Tonight

Tonight Lily G is hosting it's VIP shopping night. We have been working our not so petite butts off getting the store into an environment of sparkly gorgeousness. I am also showcasing all our new Samantha Wills jewellery, Aliss & Ena jewellery and have transformed my sale room back into a show room for the unveiling tonight of Judy from Verandah House's fabulous range of furniture. I changed the wallpaper a couple of weeks back and it is gorgeous. It is a Thibaut paper and I am such a huge fan of there beautiful product.  So fingers crossed all going well I will be posting lots of photo's in the next coming days of our lovely Christmas soiree. P.S if you live locally and wish to attend contact the store I'm sure we have enough
Champagne xxx  Just mention the blog and we'll add you to the list.

From G. P Baker to Thibaut in a blink of an eye.

My lovely Thibaut