Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We are in print again!!

Sorry for this rushed blog. I have the best intentions of blogging everyday, but with two small boys, a dog, a partner, a retail business and decorating....I tend to run out of time!!
I am quickly posting some exciting news. We have been featured in this month's Women's Weekly!!
So exciting and the special part being that the home featured is my own.
I will try and post more pics as I get them.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Sale Starts Tomorrow

Don't forget our Once A Year Clearance Sale starts tomorrow!! We are clearing out many one off beautiful pieces to make way for our new arrivals.
Sale continues across the store until all cleared.
10% - 50% off with some pieces even discounted lower.
First in gets the best bargains.
Starts tomorrow 9 am

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm going to be a few days

Sorry bloggies, I'm tardy with my in depth  dissection of the 'House'. Staff illness at the store has meant my free time has been a tad compromised. Will be back in a day or so with all the nitty gritty.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Diane Keaton and Something's Gotta Give!

I'm reading Diane Keaton's autobiography at the moment; the book is called 'Then Again'. I'm really enjoying it. She is such a creative force.
It is in reality a book co-written by her and her mother. A telling of Diane's experiences growing up as compared to her mother's (who kept extensive journals) and how her mother's unfulfilled creative needs were a catalyst in driving Diane into performing and becoming a movie star.  Very beautiful story about a mother and daughter and I highly recommend it.
Interesting fact; she first started wearing hat's because she didn't think she was pretty enough and wanted to hide her face. ?? I think she is stunning!

So while reading Diane Keaton's book it got me to thinking about Diane Keaton's movie's and of course that got me thinking about my all time favourite "House movie" Something's Gotta Give'.  We all agree that the real star (no offence Diane and Jack) of the movie is the stunning Hampton's beach house where she lives and writes.....Truly her writing nook alone made my little eyes glow green with envy.

I became obsessed with not so much 'The House' but the ideal of the house; here was this independent,
successful woman and she lived in this stunning home where she had a sanctuary to respite from the chaos of the city and potter and create.  Loved IT!!!

(After watching that movie I decided I would own my obsession properly and make a dedicated sojourn to The Hampton's once a year. So every year I head there after a retail stop in NYC and seriously stalk the houses. It is an Obsession and there has been attempted intervention. Enough said.)

We all love the interiors of this house (even though it only a stage set) and I have been asked many times by clients to replicate this look for them.
The Hampton's aesthetic is perennial and stands the test of time, especially when you want to make smart decisions once.

Sooooo over the last couple of days my grey matter got into overdrive (hard on a weekend I'll tell you!!)
And I have decided that over the coming week I am going to break down 'The House'
Each room will be dissected and we will go over furniture options and alternatives to achieve 'The Look'.
Paint pallet, fabric choices and furniture options. I am THAT dedicated...I hope my real clients are understanding.
We'll all be having 'The Hampton's' feel in no time.

Then after Diane I might move onto Meryl and 'It's Complicated'
Any other movie Houses you love???

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary Stuart!!

When I was a teenager growing up in Brisbane in the 80's, I went to a small private school in the bayside suburb of Wynnum (Moreton Bay Girls College). Every Friday after school we would catch the train into Brisbane City  and head for the shops. Our destination (other than the cinema's and loitering outside Hungry Jack's to flirt with the Churchie boys) was any boutique that stocked Stuart Membery's clothing. Every bobbed haired, polo shirt wearing girl would run as fast as their deck shoes would carry them to procure themselves a shirt, skirt or dress bearing the distinctive S.M label. Stuart Membery clothing was youthful, fresh and colourful and we all wanted it.

Classic Navy

His tartan collection Oh how I loved it. A young Rachael Hunter.

This year Stuart Membery is celebrating 30 years in the design business; these day's his main passion is his furniture range and architecture. If you have not seen his divine range go here.

 I recently travelled to Bali and dropped into the stunning Balinese Oasis that he calls home. It was amazing to meet someone that I have admired since I was a teenager.
I found him to be charming, energetic and buoyed happily by the success of his range.
For someone whose design career has endured for three decades he was refreshingly un-jaded.
His furniture is classic, beautiful and of the quality you would expect from a driven perfectionist.
I would love to see Stuart Membery pieces at Lily G, wouldn't you???

 Happy Anniversary Stuart!!!

Some of the pieces in the Stuart Membery range.
Stunning cane settee and soft furnishing

Friday, January 6, 2012


Elle Decor has declared Navy Blue 2012's new neutral.

No more beige or black, it's Navy that will be featuring prominently in decorating schemes everywhere.
I think we here at Lily G have been inspired by Navy forever.
We love blue's in every hue but Navy will always be our colour de jour!!
And with Tanngerine Tango being Pantone's colour of 2012, we have a vibrant, exciting and slightly retro combinations to look forward to.
Embrace Navy today!

Diane Von Furstenberg

Ridgecrest Love Seat

Ginger Jars

Ralph Lauren Fabric

Tangerine Tango

Our star Navy

Love the Rug

Elegant head dining chairs

Blue kitchen wouldn't show up any 5 year old sticky marks

We can source side tables like these and love the wallpaper

Teamed with Orange gingham gorgeous

So fresh

Now you know what to do with all those pesky Hermes boxes lying around. . Yeah right

Quadrille Fabric on curtains lightens everything

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Iman Fabrics for Unique

A rich and exotic range of fabrics has been developed by Iman for Unique Fabrics.

We have our waterfalls out on the floor and clients are loving them.  The colour's are so rich and saturated. Iman is such a classically beautiful and stunning lady. 

We can't wait to use the peacock fabric we have. Watch this space to find out what we do.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Days

Oh, sorry I was a bit maudlin yesterday. I get that way on New Year's Day....all Phoenix rising from the ashes type stuff.
I have sooo much to be thankful for so I don't want anyone to think I'm not happy with all my many blessings.
My two boys and I just got back from Bali a week ago. Just mummy and her two little boys.
We had such a gorgeous time and I learnt that once they put down their games they really are growing up to be great little men.

Harry so protective of his little brother Emerson. It was lovely to watch. Also both of them so protective of their mummy, so cute.

We stayed at The Elephant Safari Park Lodge outside Ubud for the second week. The look on the boy's faces when an elephant came to collect us to take us to dinner!!
I highly recommend taking your kids here if you are in Bali it is amazing. The elephants are so well cared for and the grounds are spectacular.

What is Harry sitting on?

Hold on Harry!!

And Up we go!!! He loved this!!

Everyday we helped scrub them down and feed them.

The boys enjoyed it so much.

Harry and Emerson and their relaxed lady Nobby

Did Some reading on the holiday. These are some of the book's I was reading....

Water for elephants
by Sara Gruen
Very fitting seeing where we were. A very beautifully written book

Then I read Sara Gruen's other book Ape House which was good as well.

And because I was in Bali and it was topical I read the new book about Schapell Corby and her father.
Very, very interesting.  

What books can you recommend at the moment???