Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Generosity of spirit.

Toowoomba is in total devastation as I write this other surrounding areas are evacuating due to flash flood warnings. An 8 metre Wall of water rushed through a modern, fully infastructured town and totally wiped out buildings, cars and washed people away in an instant!! My heart breaks to see and hear all the loss and despair that the families in that area are going through. Children as always are the most at risk and I cry for the poor mummy's that have lost their little ones. This is sooo close to home and as I sit in the warm safety of my own house I am proud to say that Stacey Sullaphen from Sunny Mummy has rallied the troops (so to speak) and raised $1000.00 last night in support of the Flood Relief  with not too much effort. She is hoping the surge of support will continue and I am encouraging everyone to dig a little in hope of helping these terribly traumatised families. You can find Sunny Mummy on face book and go and join her amazingly fabulous site for Mothers here www.sunnymummy.com.au/ She is also donating a portion of new memberships to the Flood Relief.
There is also a number to call from Qld Gov 1800 219 028. It is times like these that I feel truly rich, when I can give. x Take Care
P.S If any one know's where to get Sand Bags...Apparently my shop is likely to go under today!!!