Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And So This Is Christmas....

The Frenetic pace of the Xmas Season has started officially this week.
Xmas Carols,  Xmas Concerts, Xmas Pageants, Xmas Break-ups and Xmas Parties are all  jettisoning towards us like an overzealous, madly cheerful Staff member at A Club Med Resort. You know the ones that  force you to participate and to be a "JOINER" when all you want to do is rest by the pool and marvel at your cleverness for making it through another year of School drop offs and "logistical life balancing" while still managing to read a few good books, fit in something culturally beneficial to your own personal growth and manage to excercise (hahahahah!! yeah right!)

But the onslaught is here. So many events, so many school functions, so many work commitments and ALL taking place within the insane time frame of a couple of weeks and every invitation, event and function is deemed equally IMPORTANT and therefore equally UNAVOIDABLE!!
It IS tempting at times to stick heads blissfully in the sand and wait for it all to pass, but we don't... because we love Xmas. We don't want to forgo the euphoric feeling of joy, the displays of human kindness, the joy of giving and spending time with loved ones. There are many reasons we love Xmas. But for me it has always and will always be about the TRIFLE!! mmmmm
It's just that it all happens at once, and in such a gleeful manic frenzy that it can be quite a shock to the ol' system. After a year of (comparatively) social restraint suddenly it's on us....BAMM !!!!Full-Frontal Social Interaction!!!  And (if you are) like me and are quite shy normally, this time of year (when catapulted headfirst into festive obligation) can make us end up feeling like a little Deer caught in the proverbial Christmas Headlights. 
We become stunned with over consumption and social interaction and our much abused internal organs rebel after being forced (in the name of merriment) to filter a years quota of alcohol in one binge-fuelled month. We navigate through December a little dazed and confused and inevitably stagger from one festive event to the other not quite sure what the objective for the evening is. Socialising, being charming, witty and (fingers crossed) always nearly appropriate is the goal and above all... hopefully..hopefully.... remembering that Son's Xmas concert is ALWAYS a  DRY event!! Aaaah but under the weight of a burgeoning social calender who can blame Us for getting a little confused. 
So as you go forth into "The Silly Season" (how apt!) I have found some lovely Xmas jobs that The Doyenne of Style and Taste Martha Stewart has on her "To Do" list. My To do list has only 1 item.....
1. Don't go insane!!!

Click here for Martha's must do's Worth a giggle!!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sale on Today!!!

Well I am making way for some gorgeous NEW pieces that are due in next week. So today we are having a Massive clearance sale in our Carribean room. Come in and take advantage of Lily-G's Pre-Xmas Sale and save some money before Xmas!!
Linen, Home-Wares, Cushions, Lamps and Furniture Pieces all 10 - 30% off!!
Our New Room will be show cased next week!! Stay tuned.

Monday, November 8, 2010

What does not kill us makes us stronger.

This week started on a rather dire note. So much despair and tragedy happening out there in blog land.
It is hard to know what to say to people you care about in their hour of heartbreak. All anyone can do is show empathy and compassion and feel humbled at the frailty of life and the inconsistencies of the human condition.
We are living in a fast paced world where we are subjected to disaster and gross injustices on a daily basis, but it is always so shocking and horrible when it is happening to people we know and love. I try and take some time to thank the powers that have kept my children happy, my family healthy and my world spinning everyday with little or no hardship. We are all blessed to live in a country so free and devoid of the massive atrocities that others witness in their daily lives. So as we go about our daily lives lets remember that we never know what our neighbours or friends are going through when they close their doors at night, so we should try and be patient and understanding to all the various idiosyncrasies that challenge us in our daily encounters.
Melinda x
PS on a nice note Thank You to Keren from The Brown Trading Company for casting Lily g under the limelight on their new and fabulous blog. We love their Bungalow products and she and her brother Gavin are the loveliest people.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Realestate reality

So I'm sitting here in the wee hours of the morning (well early for this little duck anyway). Looking out at the gorgeous view from my office at home. I live in a little Bay area of Birkdale and from my home you can see Moreton, Green and as my boys call it "Mud Island" The views are spectacular and relaxing and the smell is a mix of the brine from the bay and Jasmine that is all along my back wall. I love it. But we are moving.
This home was never my choice. It is a big, concrete structure with little character features within. But it fit the bill for our Brady bunch family. My partner has 3 teenagers, I have 2 little people and we needed something big and broad and all encompassing to contain the dynamics of a blended family. 
I (as I mentioned) never particularly liked the house, I love character and charm and cornices and gorgeous balustrading (as we all do) but slowly over the last 3 years my monolithic girl has grown on me. The location, the breezes, the Caribbean feel of the palm trees has won me over and like an unappreciated friend I will miss her when she is gone.
We have sold and we have to decide what our next step is going to be. I would love to build but this is not so easy. I have the builders, designers, architects at my disposal, but there are two major obstacles in my way...Time and the availability of suitable land.
So I am a-hunting for that holy grail of real estate...a double block (with views) in Bulimba!!! I can hear you laughing!  But I am stalking the streets and I am quite a determined bunny.

But the present reality is I have approx 2 months to pack, move, rent, run my business, attend plethora of Xmas activities, organise trip to Japan (having a fusion Xmas) have Xmas extravaganza of some sort at Lily G, be present and not neurotic mummy and not scare partner with manic hysteria!!! and all whilst mourning the loss of my big white behemoth home that I have grown to love.

Wish me luck!!!! ANY TIPS on how to keep it all together (other than wine) and what are you signing up for that you know is going to take you to the brink??? Because you know that like Mother Nature; Women abhor a vacuum.
Not for me the sedate life. When it looks like I have too much on my plate I just head right back up to the proverbial buffet and load up!!!

 My lovely palm trees

Monday, November 1, 2010

Xmas at Lily G (First wave)

We spent the weekend xmas-ing the store, and with champagne and some yummy dinner brought to us by my lovely partner Michael we had a very happy and productive night!!
This week starts Lily g Thursday night trading... so that you can avoid those crowds in the bulk shopping arena's. Let husbands know that you have a wish list and then send them down to us. No stress on the sanity and we will even wrap it for him!!

 Our Xmas Nook....We have done the tree in Pink, Gold and silver with the cutest white birds.

 Our First Xmas is all glamour and shine. We will also be doing Jewell colours in the coming weeks.

Our Xmas table is very Festive and has a lovely Home made feel.

 Our Centre pieces are divine. We can do the same ones or similar for your colour scheme.

 Raspberry and White against the lovely taupe background very fresh.

 Let the silly season begin!!!!