Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lily G linen & Sex and The City

We are receiving our gorgeous aprons featured in S.I.T.C any day now....Makes me want to take up baking.....nearly!!! We have received all our linen today and it is absolutely luxurious and after testing it last night I can genuinely say it gave me a lovely nights slumber. Nothing is as lovely as waking up in a mountain of fresh white linen. Lily-G linen is made at the same Mills that make linen for Harrods and The Ritz hotels it is high thread count (not so high as to make it unaffordable) and long staple combed cotton. Feels so soft and smooth!! We have Herringbone, Damask & lovely plain white with Satin piping. Available in King, Queen & Double.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lily G Homes

So have created another blog to track our progress on all our interior jobs and the different ideas and creative processes that we go through at Lily G as we build on our Interiors department. I will continue to blog about the shop and my little purchases and drama's and both myself and Natalee will blog at Problem was being a techno phobe I was trying to blog here and ended up blogging in the wrong one. But you HAVE TO READ my little blog in Lily G Homes as it sooo funny.....well I made a complete fool of myself and that is always funny!! As you will see we are in Melbourne at the moment and just happened to bump into someone that made me as excited as a school my shame I acted like a crazed fan but that's allowed sometimes.. Have a lovely week. Melinda

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lovely Things

NEW STOCK!!! Just some pickies of all the lovely pieces and fabrics, cushions and little creatures that have arrived recently. Love, love my pink Monkeys. Here are some new cushions that I have had made. I love the faded blues against the distressed white of the screen. This French Industrial Cabinet is fabulous for craft storage, veggies, bits and pieces, toy rooms.
This lovely new cupboard just arrived yesterday!!! Lined in a Chinoise Teal Silk, absolutely gorgeous for all your little keepsakes and perfumes. We have put all our beautiful Jewellery in it and it looks AMAZING!!!
These little fellows are the stars of the shop after arriving 2 days ago....they are so cute and look very pretty and fresh.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Out with the old. In with the big!!

Can't wait for winter, and here's why....
Well getting colder, so thought I would go through the old wardrobe and try and sort out some semblance of a winter wardrobe for the wee bit of cool weather we get here in Queensland. FORGET IT!! Cannot deny what I was desperately trying to avoid acknowledging...3 months to the day after taking over Lily-G I have gained 5 Kg's and none of the old winter is going to fit my expanded girth.
When I try and ponder the weight gain I can't exactly put my finger on it!??
OK working so hard at the shop one gets low blood sugar and well the bakery is just across the road....and the convenience store....and there's the duck wrap place just up the road.....or there's Harvey's in James st...or Cru for business lunches..and then there's the Friday afternoon's 3 C's: Chippies, Clinkers and Chitto's for that sugar fix when it's been a long day.
But other than these little indiscretions I've been very good. Oh and then there's the Wine that has become a lovely friend. Just a couple of glasses......Oooops!!
I desperately Need to go on the Food & Wine Wagon but Master Chef every night isn't really helping!!!
So here's my plan for now......COATS!!! Yes Coats cover everything!!!! and lovely black clothes with leggings!!! I will hide my weight gain from myself with big roomy coats and will look fabulous as I walk past my Gym which I donate to every week.
P.s Am getting very well defined upper arms from much heavy lifting of furniture though!!! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Courage to follow a dream

We have again been very busy at the shop, changing displays, wallpapering, organising furniture. We have had a great response to our Carribean Room and as always it is wonderful to meet all the lovely ladies (and gentleman) that make that special trip to Lily-G.
Everyday we hear such lovely and positive feedback from our clients. This is the main reason I wanted to go into retail to get that immediate gauge on how we are doing as a service and how we can improve on an already successful business model.
We are still in the process of deciding what stock to put on the on line shop.
I have sourced my own Linen Range which will be classic and elegant and from the same mill house that supply for The Ritz and for Harrods!! So am very very excited about that and will be selling that on line too. That is only a couple of weeks away so I guess I better get my Toosh into gear.
I know that shopping on-line is convenient and easy but I still feel that a tangible experience is the most integral part of the experience, and I watch my clients walk dreamily around the store touching the fabrics, languishing on the comfy lounges and smelling the gorgeous candles and soaps...I know that having a store and an ultimate location for people is vitally important.
We are all working very very hard here at Lily-G to keep enhancing an already good experience into a great one.
The shop is transforming into what will be it's final carnation.. A gorgeous retail space and Complete Interior Decorating and Design consulting space up on the Mezzanine level.
I was going to transform upstairs into a bedroom but our Interior Jobs are happening so fast that we need to expand into a much larger It's upstairs we go!!
Saying that though my bed should be arriving any day and it will be featured beautifully right in the middle of the shop so that is going to be something new and exciting.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Interior Job

Here is a little job we have just finished. The Client wanted a re-vamp of her existing pieces and I wanted to bring the gorgeous outlook inside. It wasn't a huge job but a lovely one as The Client was the most fabulous and happy individual. All jobs are important but it is the relationship with the client which matters most to me. I like to develop a strong collaboration with anyone I am working for.

Again, The Client only wanted a re-vamp and we lightened the room with neutrals and lighter tones.

I used lots of Green to bring their magnificant outlook inside. The colour scheme became prominantly Greens with black accents, lots of natural finishes and colour.

Mother's Day

Haven't posted for a has been completely mad in my little world for the last couple of weeks! So much going on and only one me. Trying to juggle being a good mummy, partner, friend, employer, daughter and sister to all the important people that exist in my little universe...and to top it all of I hurt my back whilst nursing a head cold...something had to give; and it was the blog. Finally disaster diverted. Life continues in same topsy turvy fashion. Back is better. Head cold now back to business. WHATS BEEN HAPPENING: Lily G has been crazy busy with photo shoots and shameless self promotion in QLD HOMES and Brisbane News. We have been doing lots of Interior Design work and re-jigging the shop to keep up with my ADD...and trying to get Newsletters out and getting our little brand out on some cute products that we are stocking in the shop now.
We are introducing yummy french Macarons for mummy's on Mondays..add a cup of Byron Bay organic coffee and I can't think of a more civilised way to start the week. I am designing my packaging now so they will be available in a gorgeous take home pack. I have taken on a new Interior Designer to add to the Design & Decorating Department. We are very excited about Natalee joining us. She has added a great energy to the Interior Design department and we are taking on exciting new Interior Design projects...Kitchens, Bathrooms, whole renovations and Total Builds. We are brain storming constantly to build the ultimate female friendly group of building professionals and tradesmen. A bespoke Lily-G building team who are managed by us for our Clients. Very very badly needed from all the horror stories that come to us every day. Just about to head down to Melbourne for a shopping trip. Planning winter with lots of beautiful cashmere throws, velvet comforters and lots of lush fabrics. I will post some photo's of some jobs we have been doing and will keep you up to date with my new building venture. I'm imagining all my Tradies in lovely Lily-G polo shirts and tan pants....a tad over ambitious??? Here is Bella wearing our Lily-G Apron and the Beach Bag!! Not necessary at the same time of course :) I'm sorry but this is sooo cute. Taupe and black with black pom-poms and a little pocket. I might even start up cooking so I can wear one?!?!? hmmm again over ambitious.
Just a quick pic of the shop. Looks so pretty with these Designer Guild Fabrics and the Designer Guild throw. Love my green chinese drums they are a gorgeous colour.
Carribean Room is getting a great response. I love my chairs here with this gorgeous mirror just leant on the wall.