Sunday, April 11, 2010

A new baby on it's way...

I've put in my birthday order...1 French Bulldog. I am hoping to get the little boy on the left. Aren't they gorgeous. I have already ordered a french little baby dog bed for him and he will sit in my shop and make the place look even more fabulous. Also the boys need a little dog as the chickens just aren't cutting it as pets!! Now I need a lovely french name.

Mirror, mirror on my walls....

Just a quick note to show you all the lovely mirrors that have arrived. They look so beautiful in the shop will post photos of them hanging...Stunning!!
This lovely oak mirror is absolutely to die for.... It stands about 6 feet and is very very stunning.
I have placed this one in my Caribbean room just leaning and it adds so much interest and depth.
This one stands about 4 feet.
A lovely textural finish with all the chinks of wood. Oh also these magnificent Apothecary drink urns have finally arrived...Iced Tea, Water with cut up lemon, Pink Lemonade....Very gorgeous and elegant. Orders being placed because of limited numbers.