Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Come be creative with me!!

Do you have a flair for decorating but don't know how to apply it in a practical manner??
Have you got a space in your house that needs a lift but just not sure how to achieve the look you are after?? Well at Lily g we have the answer...
For the month of June (and longer if enough souls are keen) I will be holding Decorating classes in the Design Room every Saturday from the 4th Of June.

The day will consist of Introduction to Decorating with discussions about design principles an analysis of prominent interior decorators and their styles, a breakdown of famous rooms and why they work, talking about trends and different decorating styles. After Coffee and afternoon tea everyone gets to create an individual colour and mood board for a selected room in their home.
It will be a great girly day with lots of gorgeous fabric swatches and colour selections, we will be looking at wallpapers, all soft furnishing options as well as touching on some hard finishes.
It will be fabulous way for you to get your inner Decorator out.

Contact us at Lily g to book your spot now or book for yourself and friends...maximum 10 people per day with discounts for bookings for groups over 5 ....so get some friends together and sort THAT pesky room out that you just can't bring together.

$150.00 for the day
From 12pm until 4pm
Afternoon Tea provided as well as all materials and with finished product to take home.
$50 of Class price redeemable in Lily G store on day.
Hope to see you there.
Call us at Lily G to book your day. 
07 32179662 

Why did the decorator pick that spindle chair??

How come this room is soooo gorgeous??

Does this room work or not???

All these to be learnt at The Lily G Decorator Day!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Music Monday!!Astrid Gilberto 'It may as well be spring'

This is one of my favourite artists....Astrid Gilberto. Famous for Girl from Ipanema. I love this song it is a contented song...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

In the Trenches'

Well it's cooling down here in Australia...and for us Queenslanders that usually means we throw a cardigan on top of our usual outfits. ....BORING!!!!
This year I'm taking it up a notch. I am tired of not having the weather to wear all the other gorgeous heavy woollen jackets on offer, so this year I have decided I will don a trench coat as my coat Du jour.
In Europe and The U.S Trench coats are usually a Tran-seasonal spring purchase. But here in Australia I think it is absolutely fine to use it as Winter attire.
I bought myself a gorgeous (saved the pennies over some time I can tell you) Ralph Lauren trench last year. I love it to bits and so I will wear it always, if just to justify the expense.

The Trench Coat has been a solid staple for decades and in the last 2 years has seen a massive push to the forefront of all the major fashion houses.
Of course the classic and enduring Burberry's trench is in the lead with some stunning examples coming from Burberry Prorsum. Burberry have even launched a web site called 'The Art Of The Trench' Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist ) shot 100's of people in all major cities of the world wearing their Burberry's trench. Go here to see it. 

Trench coats have also co-starred along side many a Hollywood legend, as the coat itself is a understated classic piece of attire which adds a touch of class to anyone that wears it and it just oozes mystery. So here is an ode to The Trench Coat....

Humphrey Bogart in his ubiquitous trench from Casablanca

Bridgett Bardot

Central Park en-trenched

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Alexa Chung 

One of my personal favourites the Burberry Prosrum knotted skirt

Kate Moss

Kate Middleton with her (NOW) famously sold out Burberry Trench


Emma Watson is gorgeous as The Face of Burberry Prosrum

Colourful trench

How cute is this???

Classic Cindy Crawford

Renee in Red

Demi being demure

My dream trench!!!
Which trench coat style are you???

Saturday, May 21, 2011

On line shopping

So online shop is moving forward...despite best intentions it is a large undertaking and I must say trying to interior decorate, run retail, do an online shop and be a mummy and get more than 4 hours sleep a night is becoming quite a challenge. 
Apologies to all my clients that have been waiting so long but we have the stock compiled and we are ready to go...any day now...
It is a sign of the times and cannot be ignored so Lily g is on line.......as god is my witness ha ha. 
We will have lots of classic Lily g items for sale and lots of one off's and specials. 
Here are just a few little snippets from the photo session last week. 
My talented staff member Mia styled the shoot and took the photo's. I think it looks beautiful.

A small preview....

Stone butterfly on Katherine Rally Fabrics all available from Lily g 

Gorgeous glamorous cushions with diamante centre available in lots of colours

hand beaded napkin rings and trinket boxes and carved dragonflies

Coconut scoops, stone soap dishes and lots of beautiful organic textures.

Coconut husk tea lantern gorgeous
Beautiful glassware from Lily g shop on line

beautifully detailed cakes stand with etched glass

These lovely candle sticks are amazing value

Cut glass cake stand. Classic!

Shell beaded boxes in chocolate brown and cream, Coconut husk teal lights, Moroccan tea light holders, oil infusers, scarves and cushions

Our beautiful bone inlaid coasters come in mixed 1/2 dozen stunning!!

Coconut husk beaded clutch in bone, silver, gold and natural

Hope you have a great weekend. 
I am still nursing residual hangover from The HH lunch on Wednesday. Everyone looked amazing and $150,000 was raised for Breast cancer screening machines at The Wesley. YAY!!
This was my outfit for the day....Every now and again a girl can splurge!!
My shoe choice for the day....YSL Gipsy heel (but in brown). Very high and quite a numbing experience after 8 hours :)
but worth it I love them!! Find yours at JEAN BROWN

Dress choice for the day Akira Isogawa shift. I like the colour and the detail...texture, texture, texture!!

Myself, Tracy Madden (middle) & her beautiful sister  Donna (I am giantess in these heels). If you don't already know, Tracy wrote the fantastic book 'The Essential Ingredient Love' it's a great read. Get yours at Lily g Now!!! 

My Healthy glow by my gorgeous friend Sonya and Australia's first Certified organic Eco Tan.

and hair by my lovely hairdresser Yuto at Vanilla Salon

All endorsements are due to the fact that the economy has been quite bad as we all know and I think everyone deserves recognition and support as much as possible..Plus I love stuff!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Inspiration Board

 Doing a clients home at the moment on the river.  The house was built approximately 15 years ago and is of the Tuscan aesthetic. It is now a little dated and my client is ready to say goodbye to the Yellow facade and give it a big face lift, so with a little bit of imagination and some handy men we are changing it into the gorgeous Caribbean inspired dream home my client has always wanted.
She has lots of existing pieces that I am incorporating into the scheme (with some much needed paint jobs) and her amazing river side position means half my job is done already by the fantastic views...all I have to do is bring the blues and greens inside!!!

Love Blue & Green together with lots of white.
Natural flooring always a good thing.

Ralph Lauren does it always so well....

Client has some existing Javanese pieces that are being revamped

These cushions from Lily G will go in perfectly

Putting in Tripod Lamps 

This shot is inspiration for her deck ares

My mood board for her job.

Music Monday!!Vivaldi:The Four Seasons: Pachelbel: Canon

Sunflowers from the Eagle Farm Markets...so happy

This boy is amazing!!! This his own arrangement! Ahhh to be that talented!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Morrocon Wedding blankets

Sorry that there were no posts for a week....I had Blogger problems, was busier than a headless chicken, had too many non-blog related jobs to be done....the list goes on! But am back and have heaps of things to talk about.

I did a little piece for The Courier Mail (our daily paper) last Saturday. I was asked to talk about trends and which trends looked like they were here to stay.  I talked about Up cycling and Global style which are (as we all know) two very strong influences. Then we talked about the "Nesting trend" and how people are staying in and want more quality pieces for their home, things that will last the distance. Even younger clients are looking for good quality not just in-expensive.
It was a lovely opportunity for me and want to thank Ainsley Pavey from The Courier Mail. Big bunch of Alba Roses coming your way Ainsley!! A few miss-quotes are forgiven....Caribbean aesthetics/British Colonial can not be confused with Chinoise but we were rushing and it was a telephone interview.

Here at Lily g we have always loved the ethnic influences that have come out of Turkey,  Pakistan, Northern Africa and India and we are delighted to see they have cemented themselves into mainstream design and decorating. Ikat and Suzani are obviously here to stay for quite some time, but now we are seeing them in brighter and less traditional colour ways:- Acid greens and yellows, melon pinks and bright Mediterranean blue. I am also madly in love with anything Moroccan, the rugs and especially the wedding blankets have infiltrated more than a few interior decorators jobs of late and I lust after them for the following reasons...A) because I love anything with a bit of bling and because the texture and romantic notion of a "Wedding" blanket forces me to want one now!!! I mean come on!! Wedding blanket how lovely is that!!

 I am also in love with all the bright colours that are taking people out of their comfort zones. The GFC can be held partially responsible for the surge of bright, fantastical and happy colours coming through. Anytime there has been a financial crisis around the world the design and decorating trends go boldly into glorious colour, it cheers us up and gives us a bit of sunshine. So embrace your Doris Day yellow!!
Expect it to stay around a good while yet.
For you totally married to the subtle hues and the calmness of the Belgian aesthetic (made universally famous through retailers like Restoration Hardware) then you can always add a bit of colour to a neutral palette it is the easiest thing in the world.

Anna Spiro has been doing bright colours in such a beautiful, quirky way for ever!! One can't help but be influenced by her and (I'm not afraid to admit) she has inspired me to be braver when using colour. I can't help (as well) to notice that her influence can be seen around blogville both here locally and designers abroad.
Designers that were once confirmed beige, taupe and white girls are now embracing colour like it's their new best friend!! I think imitation is a form of flattery but we all need to put our own twist on things.

Personally I have a love for all things Caribbean, British Colonial and have always loved the gorgeous aesthetic of Moroccan decor (Marrakesh is a big travel must-do for me!!) When I first took over Lily G it was full of French Country and even though I do love the serenity of it all that washed oak and taupe linen personally my interior decorating style leans more to the left of centre, a bit quirkier and love a more exotic feel to surroundings (probably due to my 10 years of travelling around the world and too watching White Mischief and Out of Africa one too many times) and when I first went into the Long Bar at Raffles in Singapore it was love at first sight!! So now Lily G is full of Rattan, Temple Jars, Tiffin boxes, Turkish bath products, Shells, camper style furniture and much more of MY style.

The Long Bar Raffles Hotel Singapore

Anyway speaking of quirk and colour here are some gorgeous photo's of the new range of Lily Pulitzer's furniture.
I first discovered her pretty clothing range in The Hampton's a couple of years back. Very fresh and joyful.
Her furniture pieces like her clothes are happy bright and very colourful. Enjoy your weekend The weather is amazing!!

I am also posting gorgeous Moroccan Wedding blanket photo's (I want one now!) I am sourcing them as we speak so if you are like me and have a burning desire for your very own wedding blanket email us at the shop or give us a call.

Greek Key hole fabric still strong

Great way to show sample fabrics and we want those stools! 

Naive art is big bright and colourful


Lily Pulitzer fashion range.... love this dress


The object of my desire...The Moroccan Wedding Blanket

Typical Girly afternoon drinks!


Our fashion parade went fantastically well for The C&K Kindy there were 150 ladies that attended and they all received Lily G vouchers and have been shopping up a storm all week!! The White Label Noba range is to die for and so well priced!! Designer Tracey Watkins is sooo clever! Well done Tracey! And thank you to the gorgeous Anna Stokes for organising it all.


Our 3rd shipment of White Temple jars are selling out again so if you were wanting these come in and secure yours today!!