Saturday, January 19, 2013

Clayfield Renovation

Painting Alabaster & Charcoal trim

Our renovation at Clayfield is coming to its final stages.
I am so happy with the final results and my lovely client is very thrilled.
It is so nice to breathe life back into such a glorious house and I am so very lucky that my client chose me to help with the journey.
We are now at the Interiors Stage and there are many selections to be finalised.
It is such a fantastic opportunity to do a house from scratch hard finishes as well as all the furniture.
Very nerve racking too because of so many decisions to be made and all AT ONCE! :)
Of course will keep you all posted once the furniture is installed for final reveal.
Just a few progress shots for you for now :)
Have a beautiful weekend.
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Alabaster & Charcoal detailing
Decking sanded and stained. The lacework has come back to life stunningly

We added all the ceiling detailing and new Cornicing.
The new Kitchen is stunning

Sourcing Lights from RedHill 

Two of the custom made Lily G Petit Salon chairs for around the fireplace. The colour of this velvet in real life is magical!