Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Midsummers Nights Drinks

I had a little soiree in my home on Saturday night.
The Ladies Blinged it out of the Park!!
It was to thank friends and clients for all their support for the year.
We had a lovely time and because I like a sequins or two, the dress code was Bling.
Lots of lovely ladies and their gents came along.
Everyone looked stunning a fun time was had by all and I was so happy to see all my supportive friends in one room.
Anna, Marissa & Kirstin 

This is Dee she's been my friend since we were 16!! Her lovely partner Reny who is a talented Musician.

The Beautiful Jodie & Anna

Ladies having an elegant sit down

Me and Liz caught on each others sequins

I put up some beautiful lighting and I'm keeping it all up....everynight I go out and just love looking at my back yard now
Melinda Boundy, Tanya Milford & Liz Murrihy

Yes I had a costume change during the evening :) Beautiful Julie Ann Jacobsen

We're ready for our close up!

Maybe not!!

The Men did look good too...we gave them 1 photo :)

Early in the evening a sedate beginning

Lisa and Nigel

Danielle & Tom

Christine, Julie, Me, Elizabeth & My bestie Renee

My lovely brother Mark did the catering and it was Amazing!!! Here he is having a well deserved rest.