Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Brisbane HIA Home Show starts tomorrow. It seems in the Design and Decorating industry when it rains it pours. We had the beautiful install on Monday and now 4 days later we have installed our room at the convention centre. I must say it has taken the logistical maneuvering of a army general.
Monday the floors and lighting was installed, Tuesday our lovely cabinet makers worked until midnight doing our wall panelling, Wednesday our painter went in and today we installed the furniture!! We have a few bits to fill in ....a lovely fern for our zebra head, some extra cushions. But to say we are proud of our room is an understatement. 
My inspiration was Carnival meets Up Town New York. I wanted something fun, happy and a little bit Mad Hatters Tea Party. It's the drama Queen in me!! Anyway lots of action shots to enjoy :) HIA is on from tomorrow until Sunday...if you are in Brisbane come on in and say hello and see our room in the flesh. Big thank you to my hard working, amazing staff....Bella & Laura!! I couldn't have done this without you!! 
Also big thankyou to Craig & Brent from Madders Kitchens...they do all our cabinetry and painstakingly did our wall panelling!! Don't even try and steal them they are very loyal :)
Thanks to Dan from Awesome Flooring for providing us with our beautiful flooring.

First concept Board....
Inspiration Board
Bella and Laura unpacking! We're ready to go!

Now Where to start??
We Love our New Lily G cusom sofa!!

Oh coming together!! Look at that Schumacher fabric stunning!!
We're resting before Toni our amazing framer and hanger comes....

Sorry these are a bit grainy we'll have better ones tomorrow!

Finished room!! You like?? We LOVE it!!

Everything else was made exclusively for Lily G and will be on our showroom floor Monday onwards.