Monday, May 3, 2010

Interior Job

Here is a little job we have just finished. The Client wanted a re-vamp of her existing pieces and I wanted to bring the gorgeous outlook inside. It wasn't a huge job but a lovely one as The Client was the most fabulous and happy individual. All jobs are important but it is the relationship with the client which matters most to me. I like to develop a strong collaboration with anyone I am working for.

Again, The Client only wanted a re-vamp and we lightened the room with neutrals and lighter tones.

I used lots of Green to bring their magnificant outlook inside. The colour scheme became prominantly Greens with black accents, lots of natural finishes and colour.

Mother's Day

Haven't posted for a has been completely mad in my little world for the last couple of weeks! So much going on and only one me. Trying to juggle being a good mummy, partner, friend, employer, daughter and sister to all the important people that exist in my little universe...and to top it all of I hurt my back whilst nursing a head cold...something had to give; and it was the blog. Finally disaster diverted. Life continues in same topsy turvy fashion. Back is better. Head cold now back to business. WHATS BEEN HAPPENING: Lily G has been crazy busy with photo shoots and shameless self promotion in QLD HOMES and Brisbane News. We have been doing lots of Interior Design work and re-jigging the shop to keep up with my ADD...and trying to get Newsletters out and getting our little brand out on some cute products that we are stocking in the shop now.
We are introducing yummy french Macarons for mummy's on Mondays..add a cup of Byron Bay organic coffee and I can't think of a more civilised way to start the week. I am designing my packaging now so they will be available in a gorgeous take home pack. I have taken on a new Interior Designer to add to the Design & Decorating Department. We are very excited about Natalee joining us. She has added a great energy to the Interior Design department and we are taking on exciting new Interior Design projects...Kitchens, Bathrooms, whole renovations and Total Builds. We are brain storming constantly to build the ultimate female friendly group of building professionals and tradesmen. A bespoke Lily-G building team who are managed by us for our Clients. Very very badly needed from all the horror stories that come to us every day. Just about to head down to Melbourne for a shopping trip. Planning winter with lots of beautiful cashmere throws, velvet comforters and lots of lush fabrics. I will post some photo's of some jobs we have been doing and will keep you up to date with my new building venture. I'm imagining all my Tradies in lovely Lily-G polo shirts and tan pants....a tad over ambitious??? Here is Bella wearing our Lily-G Apron and the Beach Bag!! Not necessary at the same time of course :) I'm sorry but this is sooo cute. Taupe and black with black pom-poms and a little pocket. I might even start up cooking so I can wear one?!?!? hmmm again over ambitious.
Just a quick pic of the shop. Looks so pretty with these Designer Guild Fabrics and the Designer Guild throw. Love my green chinese drums they are a gorgeous colour.
Carribean Room is getting a great response. I love my chairs here with this gorgeous mirror just leant on the wall.