Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Bang For your Designer Buck!

It's all well and good for blogs to showcase all the stunningly gorgeous spaces out there in blog land. Who doesn't love to see how Aerin Lauder lives when she's not being fabulous at a charity event or fashion show? Who can't wait to see what amazing space Ralph Lauren has fantasised into reality? We love it, We eat it up!! All those inspiring spaces and furniture pieces!! Really amps up our Chic Nesting urges to the max!
Problem is most of these people are so loaded down with money they have trouble raising themselves from their original Eames chairs. But not really realistic for us in the normal world, and on shows like 'Million Dollar Decorator' (from what I have seen anyway) the decorators seem to be more financially solvent than their Clients!! Which tells me something about THEIR jobs...
1. In L.A clients have truck loads of Interior Decorating Disposable Dollars,
2. I need to move to L.A NOW!!!
3. I need to CONSIDERABLY up my fees!! ha ha

But Realistically  the amount of money needed to achieve these results is out of range for the average bird out there.
So what do YOU do if you want the designer look but don't have the designer bucks to throw at a decorator? Well if you have a clever decorator you'll find most looks are achievable on a "workable" budget. Workable meaning realistic. Realistic meaning achievable. Achievable meaning not this; " Melinda I want to decorate my whole home in a resplendent rococo manner redolent to the Winter Palace in Russia! and I have $15,000.00!!!!......" Silence from me as quietly leave house.


 TO THIS??? 

I can do fairly well on a tight budget....but!!

MILLION DOLLAR DECORATORS...(happy to do internship with you Mary or Martin :))

So Moral of the story.

Go see your local lovely decorator and ask what you can be achieved...don't be scared, we are friendly and don't bite...usually :)

Have a great weekend.
I'm off to a Mad Men party tonight and am getting my hair pouffed out as I type.
Will have to pad my bra but my hips won't need any help they're plenty curvy.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Harry!!

Neglecting my blogging duties again! I know!
I am happy to say the lack of blogs is the direct result of having spent lots of time with the boys.
Harry turned 9 on Sunday and we have been spending time doing 9 year old boy stuff.
He is now the self professed "Leggo King" and I have been happily immersing myself in his wonderful world.

As you know from my blog here I was having a lot of trouble with Harry last year, he wasn't interacting with other kids because of his ASD, there were no birthday party invitations (not that that's changed) and he was having stress attacks in class, acting out and generally having too much weighing on his little shoulders.

Can I just say on that note:
When my blog came out last year about Harry's ASD and my lack of coping skills the response I received was so wonderful. I received so many supportive positive messages from people world wide and people I had never met made the effort of coming into my store and offering me encouragement with stories of successes with their children who had ASD. I was truly uplifted.

After Harry's blog I was forever impacted by how powerful blogging can be as a platform for education and information. We all know we blog about decorating, decorating blogs are happy, light avenues of creativity, we all accept that they are not changing economic policy or adding weight to the fight for human rights. Be that as it may blogs ARE a platform and  I have now seen first hand how important blogs (even decorating blogs) can be. Blogs (when wielded in a positive manner) can hugely assist in creating a universal connection for people, people who may otherwise feel isolated in their situations and feel alone  can garner the support they need from a message from thousands of miles away from a stranger they will never meet.
I know an immense weight lifted from my heart when I read all the supportive messages from blog land.

Anyway back to my lovely boy, he has since turned a big corner from last year and with maturity is developing into a wise and soulful little man with a huge heart. I couldn't be prouder of him and all his achievements.  I hope any other parent out there stressing and worrying about his or her child remember to enjoy their little ones personalities and the quirky characteristics that make them special in so many ways.

Happy Birthday Harry....keep trying my darling xx
My beautiful boy first day

Pirate boy

Little Botticelli Angel

My little helper

First day

Little Performer

Big Brother to Emerson

My boy today, happy, healthy and full of joy.
Happy Birthday Harry!!
 On the work front;
Since Women's Weekly has come out the phone's have been off the hook and we are just trying to catch our breath. I have been in collaboration with some brilliant people designing my own furniture pieces and you can expect to see more of my work in print very soon.
We are doing something very special in the store tonight and I will fill you all in tomorrow with lot's of pictures.