Thursday, November 4, 2010

Realestate reality

So I'm sitting here in the wee hours of the morning (well early for this little duck anyway). Looking out at the gorgeous view from my office at home. I live in a little Bay area of Birkdale and from my home you can see Moreton, Green and as my boys call it "Mud Island" The views are spectacular and relaxing and the smell is a mix of the brine from the bay and Jasmine that is all along my back wall. I love it. But we are moving.
This home was never my choice. It is a big, concrete structure with little character features within. But it fit the bill for our Brady bunch family. My partner has 3 teenagers, I have 2 little people and we needed something big and broad and all encompassing to contain the dynamics of a blended family. 
I (as I mentioned) never particularly liked the house, I love character and charm and cornices and gorgeous balustrading (as we all do) but slowly over the last 3 years my monolithic girl has grown on me. The location, the breezes, the Caribbean feel of the palm trees has won me over and like an unappreciated friend I will miss her when she is gone.
We have sold and we have to decide what our next step is going to be. I would love to build but this is not so easy. I have the builders, designers, architects at my disposal, but there are two major obstacles in my way...Time and the availability of suitable land.
So I am a-hunting for that holy grail of real estate...a double block (with views) in Bulimba!!! I can hear you laughing!  But I am stalking the streets and I am quite a determined bunny.

But the present reality is I have approx 2 months to pack, move, rent, run my business, attend plethora of Xmas activities, organise trip to Japan (having a fusion Xmas) have Xmas extravaganza of some sort at Lily G, be present and not neurotic mummy and not scare partner with manic hysteria!!! and all whilst mourning the loss of my big white behemoth home that I have grown to love.

Wish me luck!!!! ANY TIPS on how to keep it all together (other than wine) and what are you signing up for that you know is going to take you to the brink??? Because you know that like Mother Nature; Women abhor a vacuum.
Not for me the sedate life. When it looks like I have too much on my plate I just head right back up to the proverbial buffet and load up!!!

 My lovely palm trees