Sunday, June 12, 2011

Decorator Work Shop

Well I held my first decorator Sweat I mean Work shop yesterday! I was a nervous wreck!
But what a fun day!! Met lovely lovely ladies who knew more about my blog than I did and we all sat and had a big natter and laugh. Being of the technically challenged type (and using a power point thingy for the first time) there were some technical hiccups that happily didn't cause too much damage.
I apparently can Talk non stop for 2 hours about decorating!! Who would have thought!! Then break for coffee and macaroons and yummy open sandwiches and then talked for another hour!! Poor ladies think they were quite relieved when the mood board came out and they were able to just cut and paste in the old fashioned sense. After all the decorating fun they had a little shop and left with big smiles on their faces and I came home and got wined up and watched September Edition about Anna Wintour Bliss!!!
Long Weekend here hope you all enjoy the break!!!

p.s Just wanted you to feast your eyes on this gorgeous rug!!! The colours are amazing and I'm hoping to use it in a little girls room I'm doing at the moment.
It is a Dash & Albert rug and the whole range is available at Lily G.  My lovely friend Sarah is lucky enough to be the agent here in Australia. Her blog Winton House is so gorgeous and she lives in Bowral one of my favourite places in NSW.  Tomorrow I will unveil my new give away which is soooo amazing and Sarah has had a big hand in it too!!