Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back On Board!!!!

OH what a slacko I have been!! There's something about cold winter nights that sends me straight to the lounge to snuggle under a lovely throw and sip Pinot instead of sitting in my office and being a good girl and blogging. So I have been on a little break and getting back my work/life balance (well watching Master chef,Big bang, Glee and London Bachelor) So what has been happening here at Lily-G? So many Interior Jobs we've gotten our little teeth into and due to the frenetic pace I have been going at, I have to thank my wonderful staff for helping me to cope both mentally and physically. If it wasn't for these truly creative and energetic employees I would have gone a wee bit loopy. My partner in crime and creativity Natalee has also kept the little white men at bay the last couple of months and as you can read on our blog "LILY G Homes" we are very very busy rolling up the sleeves and tackling some big renovation jobs. Also I celebrated my much dreaded 40th birthday and I must say not as many tears as I was expecting and certainly not as much angst. I cruised into my 41st year with much grace and good humor and it is all thanks to the comfort of my lovely girly friends who stood shoulder to shoulder with me as I drank a disgraceful amount of Champagne and laughed a tad too loud at my birthday dinner. Also being whisked away for a weekend at The Park Hyatt in Sydney and taken to Tetsuyas doesn't hurt (thank you MM) So a new year financially and a new year creatively and so much possibility out there makes me feel very blessed to be a woman in such a fortunate country. On the subject of women (even though she is not a style icon and we must remember that fashion sense or the lack there of has never been a pre-requisite in the past when it comes to competent leadership) Julia Gillard is our new P.M and I feel so inspired that we actually have come so far in Australia (such a traditionally patriarchal government) as to finally see a female PM. What an inspiration to women all over the world and a reminder that we are truly unstoppable in any arena!!! On that note I'll say night night and promise won't be gone for so long next fact hold onto your laptops as we are going to be bombarding you with many an image and a many many ramblings as well. Melinda.


  1. Great to see another post. Winter nights are just perfect for snuggling under a throw and guzzling.. oh no I mean sipping pinot!!LOl

  2. No need to apologise...Pinot snuggled under a rug watching your favourite shows sounds just perfect xx

  3. Glad you are back and I would also like to wish you a very happy belated birthday.....xv

  4. Welcome back and Happy Birthday!

    ... theres been lots of snuggling under throws for me too, as it's freezing on the Gold Coast as well ;)