Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions part II

Well tonights the night!!
We look optimistically towards 2013 with a hopeful and expectant heart.
A fresh, clean year lays before us just waiting to be moulded into a reflection of our expectations from life.

New Years Resolutions are tricky...
Mainly (I think) because we put too much pressure on ourselves.
I think resolutions should be more like a Mission Statement to ourselves.
A personal dogma of behaviour to try to adhere to and keep us steered in the right direction.
Trying to immediately adhere to a total behavioural about face in the matter of one night is just setting ourselves up for failure and a wee bit of self loathing :)

So I say set some obtainable timeframes for the changes you want to see in yourself (if any at all) have realistic expectations on how long these changes will take and then put one foot in front of the other.
Trying to completely cut out smoking cold turkey is harsh for most smokers.
Becoming a Gym junkie over night; not realistic.  Abstaining immediately from anything you may be thoroughly enjoying (me, lots of G & T's and Vino's) is a harsh road to walk down.
But...cutting back, cutting down, actually going to gym, etc etc are small steps that ease you into the new lifestyle you want to adopt.
So....with that kinder more tolerant Resolution attitude in mind here are mine as follows.

1. Cut down Alcohol consumption
2. Get more (some, any) exercise everyday
3. Spend more time with my boys...listen, play rough (hard for a girly girl craft lover)
4. Never ever compromise my happiness again for someone else
5. Never sell myself short for unworthy recipients
6. Be a better daughter, sister, friend, boss :)
7. Take time out for me (once a week a day off to pick kids up from school have time to smell the daisies)
8. Qualify the people I let into my life etc....You've got to earn the right to be in someones heart.
9. Stop doubting myself and take the next steps needed to get me to where I want to go.
10. Start painting, writing and doing the things I love again.
10.5 Try and be more organised, better time management :)

Well there's mine....these are the changes I want to see in myself and hopefully if I start slowly I can achieve them all.
Have a fabulous and Happy New Year.
Thank You all for  persevering with my erratic blogging I will be making a concerted effort to include my blogging into my daily schedule in the New Year xx

Happy New Year

Melinda xx