Monday, July 7, 2014

Green Thumb needed!!

One thing I have inherited with the purchase of Beechgrove is this incredibly whimsical garden.
There is a citrus grove, Custard apple trees, Bananas, Mango trees, Avacado and Macadamia nut trees.
A whole herb garden and a seasonal vegetable garden.
Beautiful flower beds with Hydrangeas, Camellias, Magnolias and Frangipanis....and many more sweet little flower beds and beautiful trees and bushes.
I am in Garden Heaven but I am also a tad overwhelmed.

I have always been in awe of people who have the know how, the natural inclination and knack of 
gardening.  The gorgeous flower and plant life that these incredibly patient, green thumbs are able to coax from the soil always makes me a green with envy...sorry bad pun :)
It has always been a goal of mine to spend time in a garden and make it thrive. 

The best part for me and my ADHD is that all the hard work is done so it's upkeep, maintenance and deciding what to plant next!! 

I want to get the veggie patch ready for planting (as it's in hybernation mode at the moment) with a lot of nasturtiums planted as ground cover to replenish the nutrients in the ground....I know that because the Gardener who actually KNOWS what he is talking about talked me through all the plants and flowers. Everything is being companion planted and NO pesticides are being used!! Yes so excited!

He is going to tutor me in Organic gardening and permaculture and it's my long term goal to have the estate self sufficient with vegetables and fruit soon.

With our weddings my brother is excited at the prospect of offering all organic produce as part of the menus for the Wedding banquets. 

Exciting times....Oh and I am decorating the guest cottage to be so pretty for my married couples and it will also be available for weekend accommodation and some holiday letting.

Here are some little visuals of the gardens.....
Dwarf Banana tree...who knew they even existed?


A lovely Frangipani amongst the herbs....I wonder what colour she is?

The Fruit Grove

Anyone got a Ride on Mower?


Will be so pretty in Spring!!

The Guest House is the building to the back

I'm loving the blue as the exterior colour think that will definitely stay

Tree house and stone dog?

More mowing......ummmmm

Can see pretty weddings here ;)

Succulents are so pretty 


  1. Incredible! What a fantastic purchase! You won't look back! Well done you! Just magnificent! With best wishes from an old occasional customer xxx

  2. Why thank You Old occasional customer. It is lovely but a bit daunting, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.