Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Days

Last days for the Winton House DASH & ALBERT Rug give away. Now this rug is worth over $500.00 so I want you to all get excited and write to either Sarah or myself why you NEED this rug in your home. It is gorgeous Blue & White stripe and would look great in any style of home. I'm feeling generous and so is Sarah from Winton House so come on write to us either here (my blog) or here or here but need to hear from you!!! Have a great week.  Rug is a great 182 x 274 so a nice big size.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birthday Girl

Well there goes another birthday!!
Quite rude actually how it insists on showing up year after year being all confrontational, reminding me that I'm not 25 anymore.

I hope to have a balanced life by the time I'm here.

I Remember being a kid and loving when birthdays came around, the anticipation of presents, getting to be a year older and a big girl....well why does it have to change?? I'm embracing my 40's and loving it...really I am, it's just that life just seems to be getting more complicated, more time poor and more stressful the older I get...and if that could just stop everything would be fabulous. 
This modern women stuff and having it all is all well and good but I definitely have to work on the life/work balance because at present it is all tipped over onto the work side of life.
What do you all do to put balance back in your life??? I need some hints.
P.S Don't forget the Dash & Albert Rug give away that Sarah from Winton House has generously donated!!! Valued over $500.00 just comment on Lily G facebook and let me know why you need a fabulous Dash & Albert Blue & white stripe rug.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

More pics

Here are some clearer photo's of The Wellington Point Job. 
Hope everyone is having a great week.

Queensland Homes & Dash & Albert giveaway!!!

Love this relaxed look so perfect for Queensland

Winter Edition Qld Homes

Formal sitting area. I am going to try and get better photo's that show all the colours.

Existing dining suite given a new life with stunning linen
Lily G is lucky enough to have TWO jobs featured in QLD Homes Winter edition.
The first home featured was a big beautiful home out on Wellington Point on the bay. This house had stood empty for 10 years. It had been bought by some overseas investors who never ended up living in it. It was our job to breathe some life into it and make it a home. Starting from scratch and with the bay views as an inspiration, the transformation has been breathtaking to say the least. The home is very big with many different living areas and our brief was to keep a cohesive flow moving throughout the home.
There is a formal living and dining area as well as casual living areas and outside undercover for entertaining. The clients liked washed muted tones and natural finishes, so there was lots of soft apple greens and duck egg blues.
 We are up to the bedroom stage so lots of fun in store for us. Stay posted.

The other job was our (now) well known job at West End. When it featured in Women's Weekly I can't begin to tell you what an amazing response it evoked in our clients. QLD Homes were very enthusiastic to show case this amazing and beautiful home again.
This chair in many different variations of fabric has become our signature chair.

The quintessential Hamptons aesthetic we all love.

PS don't forget the Giveaway Dash & Albert rug worth over $500 to giveaway when you leave comment on facebook about why you would love to win a dash & albert blue Awning rug!!! This rug is gorgeous!! Ends June 30th!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Somethings Got To Give Giveaway!!!

Here is the fabulous Give Away that I have been promising!!! My lovely Bloggy friend and Business owner  of WINTON HOUSE Sarah has generously offered to give away (to a lucky person) the very handsome BLUE AWNING rug.  Her company is the importer to the fantastic Dash & Albert rugs that I have been raving about. Think Dianne Keaton's gorgeous Hamptons' Home in Somethings gotta give with that amazing stripe Durrie rug!! Or Meg Braffs beautiful interiors!! Well now you can have your very own!! We have had so many inquiries about these fabulous rugs and can't wait to show you them in more of our interior photo's. 
To Win this amazing rug all you need to do is sign up to follow Lily G and Winton House and leave a comment on my facebook on why you need a Dash & Albert rug in your home. I will announce the winner of the rug (which is valued at $200.00) by the end of June!!!  
Happy writing!! sorry price was incorrect that was U.S price the Australian price is $525.00 

 PS We will only be able to ship to Australia because of the size....sorry all my international friends. 

Blue Awning stripe rug 
Close up

Other Colours available from Lily G

Dash & Albert Rug in Meg Braff's Interior Work

Was listening to 80's hits in my car (as you do) and came across this gem....Oh the memories!!! Enjoy

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Decorator Work Shop

Well I held my first decorator Sweat I mean Work shop yesterday! I was a nervous wreck!
But what a fun day!! Met lovely lovely ladies who knew more about my blog than I did and we all sat and had a big natter and laugh. Being of the technically challenged type (and using a power point thingy for the first time) there were some technical hiccups that happily didn't cause too much damage.
I apparently can Talk non stop for 2 hours about decorating!! Who would have thought!! Then break for coffee and macaroons and yummy open sandwiches and then talked for another hour!! Poor ladies think they were quite relieved when the mood board came out and they were able to just cut and paste in the old fashioned sense. After all the decorating fun they had a little shop and left with big smiles on their faces and I came home and got wined up and watched September Edition about Anna Wintour Bliss!!!
Long Weekend here hope you all enjoy the break!!!

p.s Just wanted you to feast your eyes on this gorgeous rug!!! The colours are amazing and I'm hoping to use it in a little girls room I'm doing at the moment.
It is a Dash & Albert rug and the whole range is available at Lily G.  My lovely friend Sarah is lucky enough to be the agent here in Australia. Her blog Winton House is so gorgeous and she lives in Bowral one of my favourite places in NSW.  Tomorrow I will unveil my new give away which is soooo amazing and Sarah has had a big hand in it too!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bedroom concept

Have just got the go ahead on this lovely bedroom for some clients.
We started with a chandelier (that is making it's way up the coast as we speak) and radiated out from there. I have gone with a muted gold/platinum Cartier sort of combination.
Originally the accent colour was going to be pink but had to butch it up a tad, so added duck egg blue and nixed the pink.
Love love Catherine Martin's gorgeous rugs so have used it as the centre piece of the whole room. Just need to do up the window seating and the curtains and we are good to go!!

Blue option.

We are super busy with many lovely jobs so sorry if you haven't heard from me in a while. Another client of ours house has been completed and it looks amazing. Stay tuned for lots more internals of the furniture selections.
door was bright blue originally

painted steps black and added stair runner

Gorgeous mix of mirrors which is a great idea for that void in between
enjoy the photo's