Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter...Hippity, Hoppity!!

Hippity to the shops, Hoppity to work...The list of to do's is massive...when you have an overwhelming to do list do you; prioritise with doing a few things well?? or broad strokes on as much as possible? I always seem to end up procrastinating and find bizarre things to do like vacuum under the fridge!! ha ha!
Sooo Easter is upon us!
Don't you love Easter all those yummy pastel colours and beautiful table decorating options. Easter has always been a magical time for me and my family and I hope I am passing on that magic to my two boys.
It is Emerson's 6th Birthday the day before Easter so we will be having a combined birthday lunch for Emerson and an Easter lunch for family and friends so I have been stressing over themes....not too pretty and easter-y for a 6 year old boy, but still a seasonal feel.

He does love bunnies so that made it the end I've decided I'm going to keep it natural and fresh with some rabbits. Will post a photo once I have finished it, but this picture here is a good
illustration of what I am thinking....if it wasn't his birthday I would definitely be doing pastels and marshmallow bunnies.
I do love the simplicity of these daisies and the apple green of the table ware.

So pretty, our Easter tree at Lily G is nearly empty but there is still time to grab some gorgeous hanging eggs.

I'm not sure if I am not just madly in love with this Wisteria...DIVINE!!!

Cloche's are a fabulous way to make even the most mundane item look special..

Gorgeous for an outdoor luncheon...if our weather holds up we are definitely having ours out on the it wrong to make everyone wear pastels?? p.s love the faux grass as place mat!!

So pretty

Simple ideas...

Here is a great idea (and simple) for decorating your table find out how here . Seriously easy.

p.s apologies once again for my Laissez faire approach to blogging. I am so much better at my Face Book page, I update it all the if you like my page here you can keep up daily with all the madness of my Interior Design business and hectic crazy life!