Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vanilla Salon

As I wrote the other day, we have just completed a great job in The James St Precinct. Vanilla Salon is owned and run by Phil and Rodney and they are a hilarious couple with an amazing sense of style and flair.
The brief for the job was a total refit to give the salon a new and exciting look. I can tell you it was looking a little down at the heel and needed some TLC.  Phil and Rodney had a clear view of what they wanted....think Tom Ford Glamour, think gorgeous lighting, think divine accessories, think......Pink Chairs!??!!  The salon was equipped with Pink Chairs and it was too a big a cost to replace them so we had to work them into the project.  The boys also were very strict on budget so it was going to take a lot of initiative and inventiveness on our part.
Natalee was probably 2 weeks into the job working out tiles, paint colour etc when we got a call from Phil saying that it had to be finished in 1 week as Vogue Magazine were going to feature the salon in the magazine!!!
To say the stress levels were at maximum is an understatement!! We had carpenters, painters and tilers all there as quickly as possible and what was going to be a slow and steady job became the fastest turn around Lily G has ever done!! Seriously if it had been a TV show it would have been hysterical....How to flip that Salon sounds good!! Anyway it is all done and The Vogue shoot went brilliantly. Natalee worked her butt off and now we will just wait for The Vogue Magazine to come out so we can see it in print as we sip champagne while getting our hair done at Vanilla Salon!


Big silver and Charcoal stripes had to go

Mismatched papers and no continuity

Storage space needed

Dark carpet and decor making everything oppressive

This was the overall feel of the salon; Dark, Cramped and dated decor

VOILA!!!!! New, Clean, Bright, Glamorous and fresh!!!!

We had beautiful panelling put on the walls to give the space character and mini acorn chandeliers were used alternating with modern globes.