Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eagle Farm Markets

It was the launch of Eagle Farm Markets today. We got up bright & early and headed down to see what was on offer. We were not disappointed!! I would have to say that they are the best markets I have been to in Brisbane. The location, the produce and the atmosphere was something I have only experienced overseas. It had a vibrancy and energy that was fabulous. So many delicious stalls and the fruit & veg was just divine. The bakery section was out of this world with all the cakes having that home made vibe and plenty of options for gluten free.  We had hot buckets of fabulous Colombian coffee and bought all our meat, cheese, fruit and produce for the week. Marinated olives, mushrooms, Organic lamb, pork, beef and plenty of fresh seafood. The Majority of the produce market is located under the huge Fig Trees outside The St Leger grandstand. The hot breads and bakery items, deli section and many more inside the beautiful building.   We will be going there from now on as it has the charm and personality of an intimate Village Market. Every Sunday at Eagle Farm Racecourse.

The huge Fig Tree's offer lovely shade 

Family run business and delicious coffee as well

Hmmmm??? Diet just gone out the window.

Serious Trouble here

And here

I know I was loitering around the cakes a fare bit.

My Iris's I brought home.