Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Out with the old. In with the big!!

Can't wait for winter, and here's why....
Well getting colder, so thought I would go through the old wardrobe and try and sort out some semblance of a winter wardrobe for the wee bit of cool weather we get here in Queensland. FORGET IT!! Cannot deny what I was desperately trying to avoid acknowledging...3 months to the day after taking over Lily-G I have gained 5 Kg's and none of the old winter is going to fit my expanded girth.
When I try and ponder the weight gain I can't exactly put my finger on it!??
OK working so hard at the shop one gets low blood sugar and well the bakery is just across the road....and the convenience store....and there's the duck wrap place just up the road.....or there's Harvey's in James st...or Cru for business lunches..and then there's the Friday afternoon's 3 C's: Chippies, Clinkers and Chitto's for that sugar fix when it's been a long day.
But other than these little indiscretions I've been very good. Oh and then there's the Wine that has become a lovely friend. Just a couple of glasses......Oooops!!
I desperately Need to go on the Food & Wine Wagon but Master Chef every night isn't really helping!!!
So here's my plan for now......COATS!!! Yes Coats cover everything!!!! and lovely black clothes with leggings!!! I will hide my weight gain from myself with big roomy coats and will look fabulous as I walk past my Gym which I donate to every week.
P.s Am getting very well defined upper arms from much heavy lifting of furniture though!!! :)