Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We Have Moved!!!

Well finally we're in!!
We've had the cabinetry made by our lovely boys, new signage, have unpacked all our (many) bits and pieces and are settling in like chickens in our comfy new nest.
During our move (which logistically was a massive undertaking) we had an Install and a Magazine Photo Shoot!! Phew!!
Seems at Lily G we only have one speed and that is Full Throttle!!!
We have also come out in QLD Homes with our clients job on The Cover!!

We are loving to death our beautiful new store. It is so bright, white and happy.
We've injected it with lots of colour and texture and it has such a positive vibe.
All the locals have welcomed us so warmly.
The coffee shops are brilliant and am eating like a piggy!!

Our New Address is
5/9 Longland st,
Our New stunning light fitting in our dedicated consult space

Our New Space!!

Inside our beautiful new shop

Love our new look

So come and visit us and see our beautiful new store!!
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