Monday, January 10, 2011

Colour My World

Well I have arrived back from our family fusion Xmas in Japan. We had a lovely cultural journey and have returned with many happy memories. My boys saw their first snow and relished in bombing mummy with snow balls and making the ubiquitous snow man. Nothing makes a mother happier than when her children are happy. Nothing makes a mother more stressed than when her children want to take a closer look at a speeding bullet train!!! Or when her four year old refuses to eat anything for 2 weeks apart from
Rice with Soy Sauce!! They trained with Ninjas, ate with Sumo's, said Konichiwa to a Japanese speaking Mickey Mouse and came back to Australia hopefully a tad more culturally aware.
Mummy on the other hand is a wee bit exhausted and is now ready for HER holiday. But it is my first day back at work and the rain is pelting down.. Very grey and dreary so decided to post some of Mary McDonald's beautiful happy work because her use of colour, scale and quirky mix of the unexpected always fills me with awe and puts a smile on my face.

Here is some gorgeous colour to brighten your day.


This instantly cheers me up. So pretty.

 Love the Pink with the Zebra stripe and the Chinoise mirror Gorgeous!

 Stripes, florals, scale is fabulous, lovely lines. This room is amazing. 

So Fresh for a formal room. Mary McDonald's is definitely courageous with her colours.

 Bold and I think could perhaps become a little tiring on the eyes but that fabulous ottoman just breaks it all up perfectly.