Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photo's from shoot

Here are a few of the (professional) shots from the photo shoot we did for my home with Catherine Shields and Simon Kenny.

Our French Bulldog Bon Bon was very adamant he should feature in many shots.

 I wish I could say they were looking at a book. Nope, Ipad.
Emerson & Harry

 Not ever this clean in reality

Lovely Kerry from Driftwood Interiors painted me this gorgeous butterfly to go with my colour scheme.
Doesn't my Dash & Albert Rug look just perfect for here.

 We were all on our best behaviour!

 My favourite piece in my home sits above the console in the entrance. My grandmothers silk hand painted cherubs.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Have you got your Eco Tan?

Going to get hotter soon. Are you ready?
To help in the heat we have some divine new products coming through.
On the shelves now is Eco Tan
My gorgeous friend Sonya Driver has produced the first 100% certified organic self tanner.
It is fabulous and is being stocken and used at Versace day spa and Gwinganna. This tan should be used by anyone that doesn't want to put all the nasties that are in normal self tanners or spray tans onto their bodies (do your research you will be shocked)
We are stocking it as part of our move towards more natural and organic and sustainable products.
Beautifull smelling and gorgeous colour, it available now.

Also coming soon are our beautiful Turkish Hammamas towels/sarongs. They are so pretty.
 Next in these stunning vintage fabric beach towels. All brilliant colours and stunning patterns.
Taking the blah out of the normal beach towel this is a beautiful quality towel to take with you on your holiday.

So bring on Summer we're ready here at Lily g..

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gorgeous spaces!

What beautiful weather we are having! Just perfect.
The smell of summer is in the air and
Christmas is looming. Lily G is packed full of gorgeous decorations and gift ideas.
So it's time to start the planning...
Christmas.  LONG, long summer holidays. Trying to entertain little ones for 2 months. Not get bankrupted in the process!!! These are all pertinent problems to parents everywhere.
I'm not the most nature loving girl in the world, only because I'm a tad lazy when on holidays and prefer being horizontal by a pool than putting up things, which are hard and complicated......but..... I have decided to take the boys CAMPING for the Xmas holidays. 
Of course I'm not talking about pitching a (questionably) water proof tent or anything so hard core. No, I'm going to rent myself one of those little camper vans and stake a claim somewhere fabulously natural (with fabulous shower facilities) close to a cute and quaint town (with a good book shop and nice selection at the bottle shop) and have a slow life holiday.
I have these halcyon memories of when I was little girl and we would all pack up the car and head off for one ridiculously far away camping ground after another, packed with kids, grandparents, bikes, food  etc all packed head high and with much strategic planning by my dad. 
No dvd players, ipods, ipads or iPhone.  The only entertainment we depended on back then was something called i-deas!!
We had to use our imaginations which manifested into endless games of I spy and fighting with each other until our parents were driven mad!
So with new plan in mind, I have been googling like a good information hungry consumer and instead of finding camper vans I came upon hundreds of sites for Glamping.
Glamping is a huge growth industry for time poor, exhausted 'want to get back to nature but not quite that much thank you very much' types like myself
If you don't have kiddies and the thought of 'roughing" it in the bush is too much, I'm telling you embrace Glamping. 
It all looks so 'Out of Africa' and glamorous might have to give it a whirl next time I outsource the kiddies to grandparents.
Here is some inspiration....not a sausage and bread on paper plate in sight

What one apparently wears Glamping

A must no R.I.D here

Don't forget your Hermes Pippa folding chairs or you might have to sit on who know's what?! 
What do you mean impractical??!

Prada of course

Your typical lanterns. These are of course from Ralph Lauren.

Happy holiday planning.