Monday, May 2, 2011

Up coming Events and Music Monday!

Lily G is involved with two very worthwhile events in the next fortnight.
The first one is The Wynnum C&K Kindy Fundraiser at The Wynnum Manly Trailer Boat Club this Friday night (6th May). Lily G is sponsoring the night there will be give aways, silent auctions and table styling and a fashion parade. The fashion parade will be showcasing the fantastic new White Label Noba Winter range which Lily g is receiving in shop THIS WEEK!!!
Now I know we sold out our summer range very quickly so if you want to reserve your pieces you need to come in A.S.A.P. We receive the range Wednesday and will be ready to take orders on Thursday.
The range is fantastic all part of an entire capsule look of mix and match pieces...You can never stop at just one piece!! Luxury silks, velvets and divine natural fibres in Milk, Latte and Black. All size ranges from petite to plus sizing. Very excited because that sorts out the winter wardrobe dilemma for me!!
With lots of pieces to layer and mix and match it's all now really easy. Perfect!!
My lovely friend Anna 

Definately getting this shawl it's divine!!

Oh and This one!!

The second and most important event we are involved in is The Helen Hackett Big Wednesday Lunch. The day is held once a year and is paramount in raising money for a much needed High quality digital Mammography unit at The Wesley Breast Clinic. It promises to be a huge day of great food, great company and like minded people gathering for a very very important and critical cause. Read more here. So if you want to come along and help raise money for the very important call and have a fabulous day out contact Carla Haddan (her details are below).

Music Monday...If you are feeling like you have no energy here's something to get you up and out of your chair!!! This women is a LEGEND and she is still doing this at 70.
This is for my friend Sonya.