Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slowly coming down to Earth.

Well I had all the best intentions. Go to New York, Blog and post lots of pictures.....Wrong!!! walked and walked all day, had fabulous dinners and fell into bed a very happy girl each night!! Had absolutely not an inch of energy left. It was all I could do to rip open my Oreo Cookies every night and eat them to sustain me through my sleep.
What a fantastic time we had though! I couldn't have planned a better time to go (Fashion Week) and Natalee and I earned every little blister on our swollen and battered tootsies!! My feet have never been soooo sore and I've never smiled sooo much!!
Where to start??? I guess our first night set the bar for the following 10 days. We arrived at my favourite hotel in the world The Greenwich Hotel . This hotel is owned in part by Robert De Niro and he had a vision of creating a hotel that was comfortable, warm and welcoming. He definitely succeeded. The service is so lovely and gracious. The decorating is absolutely inspiring, classic and yet very original in it's approach.
Natalee and I looked like mad tourists taking photo's of every door jam, hinge, carpet square and old book in the Fabulous drawing room. Surely they all thought we were mad when we were taking photo's of the Missoni designed label on the San Pellegrino bottle!?!?!
Having blogged about The Greenwich Hotel before and thought perhaps 2nd time I would be a tad jaded and not so impressed. I was wrong (again) it more than lived up to my memories. Behind a very inconspicuous entry lies a welcoming lobby that instantly makes you feel welcome. Exposed beams, softly worn velvet occasional chairs and beautiful original pieces of art all give you a feeling of stepping into someones home instead of a hotel.
The rooms themselves are full of interesting old books (from Robert Di Nero's own collection) lovely time worn furniture and stunning beds with the kind of linen you just sink into.
All photo's from The Greenwich Hotel website.
The beautifully appointed drawing room. Very cosy here with a glass of wine after a long days walking.....ps you never know who you will bump into.
One of the gorgeous bathrooms.
Love the tufted chair and the lovely bared back floor boards.
We stayed in this gorgeous hotel for 5 nights and it was with very sad hearts that we left. We had made lovely friends with the staff and felt truly at home. I highly recommend just staying at least one very impressive night there.
The area of Tribeca is also (in my opinion)one of the most fascinating places to just sit and people watch. Battery Park is such a lovely, gentle way to say your initial hello to New York City. The Sun bouncing off The Hudson and in the distance the unmistakable silhouette of The Statue of Liberty make for a very memorable and satisfying first impression.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


O.K have been keeping this a bit hush hush because wasn't sure if I could pull it off in such a short amount of time (2 weeks to be precise!!!) But we are soooo excited because Natalee and I are off to My Mecca of Happiness on Friday Yay!!! We are looking for some exciting pieces to bring back to Lily-G and also scouting out our itinerary for our Lily-G New York/Hampton's Tour that we are going to start doing next year. We have put out the feelers and there has been an over whelming response to a shopping & cultural tour of New York.
This is what we are toying around with at the moment...
7 - 14 day tour 4 days spent down town in the lovely hip area of New York with trips to all the vintage shops, one off boutiques, lovely Italian restaurants, Nobu, Soho, Tribeca, Chelsea etc then shopping up town at Barneys, Bergdorf & Goodman, Ralph Lauren, Restoration Hardware etc and of course trips to The Plaza, Broadway, The State Library and lots of other gorgeous places. Then we think up to The Hampton's to all the gorgeous antique shops, home ware shops and some tours of some of the stunning gardens and Houses that we all adore!!! That's it in it's basic form so we are going to be doing a lot of research while we're away so that we can offer the most fantastic girly trip....V. excited
We will be blogging and posting fabulous photos of the trip so keep posted.