Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary Stuart!!

When I was a teenager growing up in Brisbane in the 80's, I went to a small private school in the bayside suburb of Wynnum (Moreton Bay Girls College). Every Friday after school we would catch the train into Brisbane City  and head for the shops. Our destination (other than the cinema's and loitering outside Hungry Jack's to flirt with the Churchie boys) was any boutique that stocked Stuart Membery's clothing. Every bobbed haired, polo shirt wearing girl would run as fast as their deck shoes would carry them to procure themselves a shirt, skirt or dress bearing the distinctive S.M label. Stuart Membery clothing was youthful, fresh and colourful and we all wanted it.

Classic Navy

His tartan collection Oh how I loved it. A young Rachael Hunter.

This year Stuart Membery is celebrating 30 years in the design business; these day's his main passion is his furniture range and architecture. If you have not seen his divine range go here.

 I recently travelled to Bali and dropped into the stunning Balinese Oasis that he calls home. It was amazing to meet someone that I have admired since I was a teenager.
I found him to be charming, energetic and buoyed happily by the success of his range.
For someone whose design career has endured for three decades he was refreshingly un-jaded.
His furniture is classic, beautiful and of the quality you would expect from a driven perfectionist.
I would love to see Stuart Membery pieces at Lily G, wouldn't you???

 Happy Anniversary Stuart!!!

Some of the pieces in the Stuart Membery range.
Stunning cane settee and soft furnishing