Monday, October 10, 2011

Week off!?? What week off

Well we are well and truly back in the swing of things. Byron was of course beautiful and it was a lovely evening at the Byron on Byron/Vogue Living dinner. Food was divine, table settings stunning, the mutual admiration society between V.L and Gerry Harvey well and truly apparent...I wish I had Mr Harvey's advertising dollars and maybe I would get some big fat advertorials in Vogue Living (oops don't be snippity Melinda!!)
Annnnyyywaaaay So all relaxation came to hault  last Sunday when poor Harry fell off trampoline and spent the last day of the hol's horizontal on sofa and up at emergency. Boys will be boys.

 On a bright note his special ed co-ordinator emailed me yesterday to tell me all the girls in his class were helping him carry his books and walk down stairs (flirty boy apparently)

So back to work: had marvelous night on Tuesday when we held a combined cocktail event with Claire Aristides from Claire Aristides Fine Jewels. I will be stocking her absolutely stunning Rings and earrings and can't wait to get my own little order on my finger!!
All the rings are stunning quality and exclusive to Lily-G. Think big Cocktail glamour rings with the most gorgeous earrings to match.
Come in and choose yours and we'll send Santa a little hint ha ha!

Claire & Me.

Oohh which colour which cut??? You can choose.

Mini Manicures given on the night. Kim Pryor here being pampered

Beautiful Clients


Michelle Moss, Me and Renee Hughes

Monica De larco & me

Carla Haddan, Claire Aristides and Me.

Amaya Brookman, Me, Nim Allan 

Beautiful Friends and Clients Jacqui Gregory, Tracy Madden & Liz Murrihy