Friday, April 15, 2011

Clone me now!!

This is my french bulldog Bon Bon he looks how I feel!!

Phew what a week!!! Ever had one of those days when you are just chasing your tail and can't get anything done because there is too much to be done!! When you wish that there were a couple of you to absorb the extra work needed doing!!  This week has been massive and we have been go go go from morning to night. This week (we had) in no particular order..........another magazine photo shoot...... many new consults......lot's of follow ups for our clients and the store has been crazy busy with clients loving our new look to a point where I'm now really low on stock again, trying hard to keep stock levels up but luckily lot's of lovely things still arriving daily.  My whole new shipment of coral nearly all gone!! My staff and I have been run off our little feet trying to make all our clients dreams come true and we are pooped! Today I was in Pullenvale and Kenmore, Natalee was at the Gold Coast and Mia was at Wellington Point with Bella holding the fort in store...Talk about travelling Wilburys.  But we are loving it and it is never boring or a chore when you are doing what you are passionate about. But. Seriously. Tired. And it has been a long semester for school and am really looking forward to a break next week for Easter.
Let me see what else is happening............

As I type this I am doing the final add ons to the Lily g on-line shop which will ( I promise) be up and running by the end of Easter. We have a lot of amazing new products to sell on line and more to come in the future.

The new White Label winter range will be launched soon with a fashion parade and wardrobe consultation on the night. We are also sourcing more labels which are absolutely stunning and lots of exciting new jewellery pieces .

 Our New York trip is back in the pipe line. I was considering postponing it due to the terrible start to this year....floods, cyclones, earthquakes and tsunami's have left everyone so worn out and it is only April!!! But we have still had so much interest that we have (with the help of our travel agents) nearly got it all priced out and the itinerary nutted out. So watch this space.... and let us know if you are interested because we only have limited spaces.
We are sponsoring many events in the coming months and have been busy building our list of wholesalers that are Eco aware. Up cycling is one of our primary concerns and we have just fitted out our whole shop with smart globes and recycled paper just for starters.  I have achieved most of my new plan for the beginning of the year.
 Our consult space is well and truly down stairs now and it has made a huge difference in the way our clients see the business.
So there you have a brief over you know why I'm a wee bit tired :) Anyway just thought I would catch you up and keep you all in the loop.
It is up up up for Lily g and we have only just started!!