Monday, March 8, 2010

If I get my way and I can downsize
my house on the bay for something
smaller closer to the city I will be able
to finally buy my dream 'beach shack'
Nothing grand or over the top (budget won't allow it anyway)
I just want a little house that we can fix up
and spend the weekends in. Bare floors, high
ceilings and big verandahs with lots of lush green
and hopefully a sniff of the ocean (not expecting views ha!)
These pictures are mainly from a beach house from
the site Coastal living, and I think they are a
fabulous example of the fun you can have when decorating a
a little beach shack. The colour pallet is one that
has always inspired me. Pristine white with fabulous teal, aqua and green
accents. Fun, childlike fabrics and clean fresh lines.....all beautifully
executed and all do-able on a small budget..hunting for all the
accessories would be half the fun.