Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Days

Oh, sorry I was a bit maudlin yesterday. I get that way on New Year's Day....all Phoenix rising from the ashes type stuff.
I have sooo much to be thankful for so I don't want anyone to think I'm not happy with all my many blessings.
My two boys and I just got back from Bali a week ago. Just mummy and her two little boys.
We had such a gorgeous time and I learnt that once they put down their games they really are growing up to be great little men.

Harry so protective of his little brother Emerson. It was lovely to watch. Also both of them so protective of their mummy, so cute.

We stayed at The Elephant Safari Park Lodge outside Ubud for the second week. The look on the boy's faces when an elephant came to collect us to take us to dinner!!
I highly recommend taking your kids here if you are in Bali it is amazing. The elephants are so well cared for and the grounds are spectacular.

What is Harry sitting on?

Hold on Harry!!

And Up we go!!! He loved this!!

Everyday we helped scrub them down and feed them.

The boys enjoyed it so much.

Harry and Emerson and their relaxed lady Nobby

Did Some reading on the holiday. These are some of the book's I was reading....

Water for elephants
by Sara Gruen
Very fitting seeing where we were. A very beautifully written book

Then I read Sara Gruen's other book Ape House which was good as well.

And because I was in Bali and it was topical I read the new book about Schapell Corby and her father.
Very, very interesting.  

What books can you recommend at the moment???