Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trial and Error and then Revelation

Here I sitting upstairs at Lily G on a gorgeous sunny Weekend trying to master my new little Mac book Pro. I must say I am very impressed so far. Even though I have been in possession of this little lovely for I would say about 5 months now, I have been procrastinating and putting off trying to master it's new technology. I'm not technically sound  by any means and that sometimes puts a big handbrake on the level of blogging and the ease in which I can produce anything (I think) blog worthy.

But Woo Hoo!!!! I think I have found a computer that thinks like me....Simply!!! ha ha

I am on training wheels at the moment but I have hired a lovely man to come and give me remedial lessons once a week. It is progressing at very soft pace and I think he has extraordinary patience considering my inability to retain any sort of information at the end of a long day of consults.

Well I feel like I am learning something new which is apparently helpful in staving off the short term memory loss-itus that I'm convinced I suffer from!!!

I am in the store all weekend with my tireless worker bees installing xmas and re-jigging the store. I feel a sale coming on because Oops!!! I have been shopping for the store again and my store runnith over....

I am doing a lovely little job for the most delightful client. It is always a joy to meet all the wonderful people that come into Lily G daily, but this client has made the whole experience that much more lovely by her positiveness and her warm heart.
So Thank you Cathy and I'm still looking for something to "Butch" up that verandah corner :)

Here is my lovely client Cathy enjoying her new (refurbished) verandah furniture.


Cathy lives in a gorgeous Queenslander in Coorpooroo. The house needed a cohesive
 happy makeover to compliment the stunning gardens that were visible from the French Doors. I chose green and white because that's always so fresh and relaxing. Cathy is a nurse so needed a tranquil sanctuary to come home to and turn off. 


Cathy also had some well worn cane furniture from many moons ago which retained its lovely shape but the finish and fabric had to go. It got a new paint job and a lovely fresh fabric and all is well with the world!!
Before our Refurb


This corner needed some happiness

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Store bits and pics

We have exploded with Spring colours and I have gone a little crazy with it all but after all the rain over the last month I think it is a very welcome change.

Our beautiful tapestry cushions from France and all the gorgeous Botanical soaps and candles.

Oops My little Robin is a little askew!! This beautiful range from The UK stunning!!

More of our new U.K Tableware so pretty and fresh.

Amazingly thriving flowers out the front of Lily g (I'm not very green thumbed) also our lovely Bird cages

Our Tuscan chairs so comfy

What a fabulous toy cupboard

Love the look here

Love my monkeys!!!!

 I have in the past resented the way some Big Corporate Retailers shove Xmas and Easter at us (it seems) earlier and earlier each year. But I am sooo excited because all my gorgeous Danish Xmas Mice and Pixies are in and the first part of our stunning decorations (ordered many many months ago) have arrived and are so pretty and we are as busy as Santa's elves unpacking and Ooohing and Aaahing with all our customers at the loveliness of it all. I love Xmas (as I hope we all do) and I do go Over The Top most years. So lily g may turn into a tad Xmas centric in the up coming weeks. I have posted some photo's of my lovely Xmas pixies and mice and all the hand made Danish decorations as well as some normal photo's of the shop before we cover it with so much tinsel.

Just arrived these gorgeous cubby tents pop over the dining table on those rainy days
like yesterday and maybe tomorrow and does this rain ever stop???

Our stunning Magnolia Wreath so gorgeous this photo does not do it justice big and magnificent
Make any door proud!!!

One of my favourites in the store all hand made Princess & The Pea with a tiny hand knitted pea sooo cute
and story book 

close up of the pixie hanging decorations

love love love our Xmas pig (very traditional)

Xmas Pixies.....Welcome To Xmas at Lily g

Our Gorgeous Big Pixies and Decorations