Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Expect Great Things To Happen!!

As you all know it has been a year since I took hold of the reigns here at Lily G.
It has been a year of excitement, creativity, tears, mistakes, growth, a few too many grey hairs and the added joy of an extra 5 kilo's that have decided to join me on my travels!
Similar to the passing of New Year's Eve every year I think anniversaries of any type afford a moment of reflection and resolutions. A perfect time to mend our ways, make lifestyle changes, set goals and acknowledge accomplishments and failings.

With that in mind.....
I have for some time now been pondering some fundamental issues within my business.
I want and have always wanted Lily g to be more of a lifestyle store with a more organic and environmentally sound mission statement.
My big size 10's leave enough of a mark on this earth without my business leaving a hefty one as well.
Sooooo I'm making big changes here at Lily G..... Evolve or perish??? No....But Evolve and Flourish is something that I firmly believe in!!!
So Lily G as you know it is changing; with New Products, a new look and a new vibe.   More user friendly with a better and more interactive website, a fun shopping experience that my clients and customers can have more involvement in and also a highly functioning business that (as much as possible) brings to the consumer a high level of ethical practices, with more responsible purchasing for sustainable practices and a greener shop.
But this does not mean that Lily G is going all Hippie! (not that there's anything wrong with that ) I just think when making a buying or business decision that (where possible) I will make the decision that impacts the least on resources and leaves the least impact on the environment.
We will still keep the intrinsic beauty that Lily G is renowned for, but from now on my purchases will be more ethically motivated.

So I have set myself goals and have a few steps to take to kick Lily G into the 21st Century.

First step: hold One of The Massive Car Park Sales that Lily G is famous for. So stay tuned and I will give you more info soon. If you are not on our mailing list get on our web site at www.lilyg.com.au to register. I will also be posting some of the divine items we are putting on sale in the following weeks.

Second step: moving my Interior Design department down stairs and letting our customers interact with the decorating/design department. Promote the beautiful and ever expanding range of organic and environmentally conscious fabrics that are being produced. Show case ethically motivated products that help sustain local villagers and craft people. Motivate wholesaler by my purchasing power to consider environmentally friendly products. Well try any way :)

 Third step: Ask for advise from the most important factor in this business.....You!!! What ethical practices to you admire? What do you want from your shopping experience? How can we improve your Lily G experience?

O.K that's probably more than enough for now, got to keep some things under my belt. Keep tuned for the amazing changes and Expect Great Things To Happen!!!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has" Margaret Mead

Have a great day