Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Resolutions.....

I write this from my bed, one day before New Years Eve.
I have a sore throat, swollen glands and feeling completely yuck.
Being bed ridden is the only way to slow me down these days and it affords me some much needed time to contemplate and quiet my somewhat frenetic brain.
So as New Years Eve (and the ubiquitous resolutions) loom I typically am looking back on 2012 and all that has occurred in my hectic life.

It has been a very crazy and somewhat painful year for me, at the same time it has been a very educational one.
I have learnt some very hard lessons and I am still contemplating the reasons for some things that have happened in my life and why they happened. Some of my behaviour I have not been proud of and some I have patted myself on the back for.
I have re-evaluated my role in My Own Life and am looking at my failures and my flaws with a more forgiving eye. Sometimes our harshest critic is the voice in our own heads :)

So this year some of the life's lessons (which seem obvious when I now think about them, but when you are in the middle of everything perspective is a tricky thing) are as follows:-

1. I have learnt that no matter how hard you work and how much you achieve professionally that all means diddly squat if you can't make your life balance work. This year I have done too many hours at work and not enough hours at home with my boys.

My Big Angel Harry

My Lovable little Devil Emerson

2. In life and as a Woman there is no having IT ALL!! Something has to Give and usually as a woman that something is usually looking after yourself and your health.
I have a membership at a gym and I'm yet to use it even though I know it is sooo important to look after my body.
I give my boys all the fruit and veggies but can't seem to have time to eat anything nutritious or drink enough water EVER!! :)

I have learnt that no matter how hard you want something if that something is not meant to be it won't be. As a stubborn person that is driven that is a hard pill to swallow.
Learning to accept has been a hard lesson.
There is a peace that comes with acceptance.
Part of acceptance is acknowledging that You can't always get what you want.
Try telling that to most driven people HA!!

 Friends are the family we choose. This is sooo true.
This year has been a hard and tumultuous one.
I have had professional highs that have been fabulous but I have also experienced tremendous lows personally and have compromised a great deal of my emotional happiness for unobtainable goals.
My friends have supported my valiantly through all the myriad of absurd highs and lows that I have
rollercoastered through (especially the last couple of months).
They know I'm mad.
I know they're mad.
We have each other's backs.
This is worth more than all the money in the world.
My wonderful friends

Supporting me through thick and thin and near wardrobe malfunctions oops :)

Never get too serious. Life is a crazy joke and if you are healthy, your family is healthy, you have food in the fridge, money in your wallet and your world is turning without much drama or duress then you should laugh at the small stuff.
Gather your friends around that make you laugh and laugh until you pee yourself (well nearly) :)
A miserable person is a lonely one :)

Sometimes you help others and sometimes you inadvertently harm others.
Just make sure the former out ways the latter :)

Success, Money and "having it all" is not important. It doesn't mean anything when you tally your REAL life's achievements.
Your loved ones, the people you cherish are what is vitally important.
We take our life and happiness for granted and we coast along assuming we will not be hit with hardship or heartache. Hold your kids tight everyday until they know they are the most important beings in your world.

If you are not happy with who you are....You will NEVER be happy with life.

 I have learnt that sometimes people ask too much and if you keep moving your boundaries back further and further soon those boundaries will cease to exist and people will just step all over you.


 I do love my life, I am very blessed.
I second guess myself, my talents, my mothering, my ability to be a good friend and nearly everything...but I know that I'm not alone and that there are people that are far better at everything than me but we are all trying our hardest and that's what's most important.

So there are 10 self indulgent little expressions on my life lessons for 2012.
The year has been so busy that I think I learnt most of them in hindsight :)

Hope you all have a fabulous and happy New Year.

My resolutions are yet to come...
How are yours going?

I can't wait for this year to be over and am so looking forward to having a happy and amazing 2013!!