Sunday, July 29, 2012

Better Photo's!!!

We are getting some professional photo's done at the moment. They look so much better. Will post more when we get them....So many people loving our room!! Everyone commenting on how different it is to the same old same old :) Which is what this platform was for me, an opportunity to have some real fun!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Brisbane HIA Home Show starts tomorrow. It seems in the Design and Decorating industry when it rains it pours. We had the beautiful install on Monday and now 4 days later we have installed our room at the convention centre. I must say it has taken the logistical maneuvering of a army general.
Monday the floors and lighting was installed, Tuesday our lovely cabinet makers worked until midnight doing our wall panelling, Wednesday our painter went in and today we installed the furniture!! We have a few bits to fill in ....a lovely fern for our zebra head, some extra cushions. But to say we are proud of our room is an understatement. 
My inspiration was Carnival meets Up Town New York. I wanted something fun, happy and a little bit Mad Hatters Tea Party. It's the drama Queen in me!! Anyway lots of action shots to enjoy :) HIA is on from tomorrow until Sunday...if you are in Brisbane come on in and say hello and see our room in the flesh. Big thank you to my hard working, amazing staff....Bella & Laura!! I couldn't have done this without you!! 
Also big thankyou to Craig & Brent from Madders Kitchens...they do all our cabinetry and painstakingly did our wall panelling!! Don't even try and steal them they are very loyal :)
Thanks to Dan from Awesome Flooring for providing us with our beautiful flooring.

First concept Board....
Inspiration Board
Bella and Laura unpacking! We're ready to go!

Now Where to start??
We Love our New Lily G cusom sofa!!

Oh coming together!! Look at that Schumacher fabric stunning!!
We're resting before Toni our amazing framer and hanger comes....

Sorry these are a bit grainy we'll have better ones tomorrow!

Finished room!! You like?? We LOVE it!!

Everything else was made exclusively for Lily G and will be on our showroom floor Monday onwards.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Three Rooms Done

Well it was all hands on deck today! We had a big install at the beautiful home of our client.
First off was hanging the curtains, blinds and all the art work, then up with  gorgeous light which came all the way from the States. Then install of furniture, rugs and accessories, styling and plants!! We had a ball. I must say it is my favourite part of my job when I get to transform a house into a home for a beautiful client.
The beauty of this job is the client trusted me 100% and believed in my vision. Sometimes clients don't trust in the process and that is when problems occur.
Tanya's house was stunning to start with and she wanted something that would stand the test of time, not date too quickly and would be user friendly for kids as well as adults. We created different zones with all custom made furniture, rugs and beautiful one off pieces.
Actually Tanya's home is the first home to carry exclusive Lily G range of furniture.
We put the Co Co sofa in and the Claudette Chairs as well as our Montaque Range in the casual room.
Now we are starting on the upper level and that is going to be stunning...very Hollywood Regency!!

Our Custom made coffee Table...We love it!!

Concept for Formal Living

Concept for Dining Room

Hope you like the pics. Now we have to do the HIA room in 3 days!!! Ahhh Clone me into 3!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Busy Week Ahead

Wow!! I know I've been away for a spell but I'm back!! I have been prioritising with my life and unfortunately for the blog, but fortunately for my two boys the blog was not on the top of the priority list for a while.
But I am back and busy, busy, busy.
Tomorrow is the start of a new week and I am starting the install for the HIA show here in Brisbane.
Housing Industry Association is holding a massive home and building show and 8 designers in Queensland have been asked to design a 6m x 4m room. I am thrilled with our space and if I do say it is something totally out of the ordinary for me. So keep watching and we will post a plethora of photo's of the room progressing through the week. Tomorrow the floors go in, and then wall panels, lighting and then furniture...very time consuming but heaps of fun and a great challenge and fabulous opportunity for my firm. If you are in Brisbane come and see us we will be on site to have chats and demonstrate how comfy our sofa's are. We are also soft launching our own Furniture line exclusive to Lily G EXCITING!!!
Also tomorrow we have a huge install for one of our favourite clients!! She is going to be so thrilled!! We will also be posting some photo's of the day as it unfolds.
We have already installed a fireplace and painted her walls and tomorrow all her custom made Lily G exclusive furniture will be installed along with some stunning lighting and window treatments!!

Also remember for daily updates go to our FB site and like us. We are excited to be close to 2000!! So thanks for all the support!
Once again sorry for the lack of Blog posts, life has a way of getting Bizzy!! But I have promised myself I was going to spend more time doing the things I enjoy and the blog is one of my treats for me