Saturday, July 5, 2014

Town & Country Life

What a week!!!

So my life was packed up last weekend and stowed onto two big containers and one medium size truck!!!  Four very big men then drove all my chattels down The Pacific Highway, across the QLD/NSW boarder and up into the Byron Bay Hinterland to my new home in Federal 'Beechgrove'.

I have long loved The Byron Bay Hinterland and usually find any excuse to stay here. So after some changes in my life I decided once my home in the city sold I would look outside the normal options of Brisbane and follow my dream of living in the country.

Once I decided on the destination I opened my lap top and looked on and there it was!! The most lovely, genteel cottage with beautiful gardens.

I fell in love with the house as soon as I saw it and decided that going forward in my life I needed to make a lot of changes to my over scheduled, stressed and time poor existence. I also wanted my boys to have a life style change and learn how to play OUTSIDE and build forts and cubbies and just run amok!!

So once I found her .....
I then moved heaven, lawyers, bankers, realestate agents and earth so as to have my dream home!!
There were some hairy moments with settlement and deeds and all things legal and out of the realm of where my attention span resides.

But now I am safely ensconced in my cottage and she is beautiful and I am discovering all her nooks and crannies and little "idiosyncrasies"!! Her name is Beechgrove and I am going to entertain you with all the misadventures I will encounter as I adapt to a slower life pace in the country and then having to do a huge shift when I go into Brisbane or Sydney to work,
As I am still venturing into the city twice a week for clients meetings and product sourcing and my shop is still there, being manned by my very competent staff;  Casey & Dee

I am also going to start decorating in the Byron Bay/Lismore region (also Sydney if you want me) so if you need some help in your home let us know at Lily G.

My view this morning!!

 ON THE HORIZON My brother and his business partner and I are also starting a Wedding destination business here.
He is an amazing chef/caterer and he along with Beck will be doing all the food and logistics and I will style the events.
Go here to see my pinterest page and what I am looking at for Lily G Weddings at Beechgrove Estate.
Our website and whole packages will be available soon....