Monday, April 25, 2011

Music Monday!!

Little Jackson Boundy my gorgeous Nephew

A tad late today....reading in bed, drinking coffee and eating a yummy apple and cinnamon muffins straight out of the oven (Bliss!!)
Hope you all had a happy Easter. Mine has been a bit traumatic with my little 4 year old nephew Jack being taken to hospital at 4 am Saturday night after suffering a seizure. He is under observation and cat scans have been clear so we are all able to breathe a little easier now. He woke up quite grumpy Sunday morning wanting to know where his Easter Eggs where!!!
I am not religious per say (more the spiritual type) but I was having a serious word or two to The Powers that be on Sat morning I can tell you.
So being Easter and Anzac day and to all the people out there that might need some uplifting right now here is another very favourite of mine. It is from the Coen Brothers movie Oh Brother where art thou with George Clooney. I also love this clip because of simple but strong sentiment of the old photo's. And love love love Alison Krauss.    Enjoy!!!