Monday, April 28, 2014

Ascot Renovation Under Way

Well here I am again happily getting back into my blogging.

I must confess to getting sucked right into the instant gratification of Instagramming and Facebooking.
But I still love Blogging and am going to do more from now on.

We have been very busy the last months and can't believe it is nearly May already. The years seem to be going too fast for me now, I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that they can't catch their breath.

We have had a lot of changes at Lily G and still many to come.
I believe in evolving as a business and as a Designer and sometimes that means making hard decisions. I also try and go where my heart takes me...sometimes that is half the adventure.
Life is (as we all know) too short for doing something for too long that doesn't feed the soul but
I have been (and am) very fortunate to be in an industry I love and deal with beautiful clients and products daily.
In the next coming months I will be transforming the business to something more family friendly for myself and my two amazing boys.
So stay tuned...

We have had many varied jobs lately and I will be showcasing each one in the coming weeks.
There is so much to fill everyone in on.

At present I am so excited about a Renovation we are doing for a client in Ascot.
It is a beautiful traditional Ascot home on a lovely big block and we are in the selection process stage at the moment.

My client initially came and saw me nearly 2 years ago and retained Lily G to do the Design work back then. It has been a lovely journey so far with her and she is so full of enthusiasm and joy. The home will be absolutlely stunning when it is finished and I am so far she chose me to help make her house a home.

Will be posting plenty of pictures as we progress.

House has been lifted and will be amazing when finished

I think I want a bigger sign!! ha ha

It's all go! go! go! on the house 

The Bathrooms will be amazing!!

Can't wait to bring this home back to life.