Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Mellie went to Market.....she got Bling!
OK, So I'm a Gemini, therefore I collect sparkly stuff.
It is in my D.N.A. I am a bower bird I fly from location to location and anything that is shiny/sparkly...I am compulsed to have...especially gold sparkly or silver sparkly, I just have to have it. I then take said sparkly item home to the groans and bemusement of all my friends and their cries of "Not another gold/silver sequins shirt, skirt, top, purse etc. (and in reality never end up wearing it just a mad un controllable compulsion)
So it is to my extreme happiness that as owner of MY OWN store and therefore controller of stock purchases and the big decision making...I get to go NUTS!!!! and get what ever I want! yay!
So when I saw the new Sophie Kyron range I fell head over heels with it and am going to add it to the little jewellery cabinet that in front of my shop and watch it all twinkle happily.
But I'm betting this time my friends will want some too..
Beautiful for Winter. Can't wait for it to arrive.
This is their signature piece and rightly so.
The Joys Of Retail 'Be careful what you wish for' is an age old adage that is ringing true for me in the running of Lily-g. I wanted new stock and by god I'm getting it!! By the truckload...so much in fact that I am finding it hard to get it out onto the shelves. Oh well more working bees for this Thursday and Sunday. Also, a huge box turned up today, which is about the size of the divine french double vanity that I ordered! Either that or there's a fridge sitting up on my mezzanine level. I have jewellery, fabric, throws, candles, bath products, pots, plates, cups and cutlery everything BUT the kitchen sink but I DO have the bathroom one. lol Soon the bed I ordered will arrive and I'll set up the boudoir upstairs and then if I get too exhausted I'll just sleep at the shop!! So please if someone sees my family tell them I love them and mummy will be home soooooon.
Charming and authentic old battered suitcases have arrived...lovely for storing linen, photo albums, baby keepsakes.
Hooked on pineapples as you will be able to tell by my carribean room.
Lovely occasional table for your entry or loungeroom.
This Camper Desk is stunning in real life and have found the perfect chair to go with it. Very Ernest Hemingway.