Saturday, August 17, 2013

Magazine Madness!!

It's Saturday night here in Brisbane and I am in bed trying to kick the last remnants of a terrible winter chest thingy that is sticking around stubbornly.
As it is in when I find myself bed bound and unable to run around like a manic crazed person I think about blogging.
I often worry about my blog and how I neglect it too much. I love it, but at the same time it's a job to keep it going every day. Obviously (for you followers that hang in there checking every now and again) you'll know that I am a very sporadic blogger at best.
I have good intentions to do more blogging but as we all know Life has a way of getting in the way of the majority of our good intensions.
So at best I blog when I have some news or find myself with no urgent task at hand (and these days the latter is a rarity).
I have even thought about getting one of my staff to blog for me, I see the benefits in this i.e good time management and it will enable me to get the blogging done regularly while freeing myself up to continue my work with no residual blogger guilt...
BUT then it wouldn't be MY blog wouldn't be my voice or NO I'll just stay sporadic and hope you all just hang in there.
So todays blog is bought to you by NEWS.

Lily G News :)

First a job at Indooroopilly that Lily G was involved in was featured on The Cover of Queensland Home...YAY!!

Then a job I had the great fortune to do in Camp Hill was put on the The Queensland cover AGAIN!!!

Then the same house in Indooroopilly was featured in 8 pages in Last months House & Garden!!

This month my store is featured in The gorgeous Online Magazine Adore Home

Go here for a read :)

So there's SOME news!!! I will try and keep you all up to date as these things happen from now on rather than binge inundation :). We are very blessed to have such lovely clients and be part of such a dynamic and fabulous industry and not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for the chance I have to do what I am truly passionate about.
Have a great weekend xx
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gwinganna; My Little Slice of Heaven

I have recently returning from a 7 day detox programme at Gwinganna Lifestyle retreat.
I decided I had to blog about this amazing place and share with you the life changing lessons I have learnt there.
Besides the inevitable weight loss there are so many other life enhancing benefits that I walked away with and this was my 2nd (of what I now know will be a yearly if not twice yearly) stay.

The first time I discovered Gwinganna I was looking around for a place to de stress and take time out from my hectic life,  I was also at a cross roads in my personal life and needed to gain some much
needed perspective.  Although professionally I couldn't be happier, I knew that I was just re-acting to life and was not mindful in my daily choices i.e The food I ate, the exercise I DIDN'T get and the way I dealt with the many levels of stress associated with being a mother, business owner and a professional person in a demanding industry.
So (being a serial researcher) I looked up what was on offer in Health retreats and compared options and philosophies of the various wellness facilities out there. I loved the holistic and practical approach Gwinganna offered (not too alternative but still embracing an organic and spiritual experience) so I booked into Gwinganna for a 5 days Wellness Programme and extended my stay to 7 days and fell instantly in love.
For any person that has multiple balls in the air and needs a respite from the careening pace of an over scheduled life then Gwinganna is the perfect Oasis.

I have said recently that I would go to Gwinganna over most destinations in the world...and I have been to a LOT of places (as an International Flight Attendant for Qantas for 10 years and now in my travels for Lily G).
This statement is due largely to how I feel on leaving the Gwinganna environment:-
I feel refreshed, rested, in control, nurtured and stronger both physically and mentally.
My body and my mind feel more unified and I leave more in control and able to cope.
These are all huge benefits for a person that previously stayed on track with only nervous energy and adrenaline as her coping mechanisms (and a glass or two of Sauve Blanc).
I have a very strong will and run on the frenetic energy that a creative person with a huge ADHD streak is predisposed to; but when burnout is happening and I start to feel like I'm free falling in a mudslide I now head to Gwinganna to gain back some equilibrium.

This last stay was for 7 days of their fabulous detox programme, (meaning no Alcohol, dairy, meat, caffein or gluten...very little spices or anything that puts stress on your system)
as hard as that sounds at first it is an easy swap over when you discover that the meals are all made freshly from organically farmed local produce and are prepared by talented and creative chefs.
Your daily coffee is replaced by nurturing and beneficial teas, animal based proteins with essential Omega 3 Fish and Vegetable curries and an abundance of healthy organic green leaves.
After a couple of days you start to feel as though you are truly tasting food again.
You eat slowly and mindfully and that helps your digestion.

A typical day at Gwinganna begins with a cheery wakeup call to start you off on your daily ritual, which consists of the following:-
6.30-7.00 Qui Choing ( a calm contemplative movement based exercise based on Tai Chi)
7.00 -8 ish Daily hike (several levels of difficulty) Such a beautiful way to commune with nature and start the day.
8.00 - 9.00 Breakfast (always delicious and nurturing)
9.00 - 11.00 Morning Exercise (choice of Yin or Yang exercises)
range from Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Boxing, Boot Camp
11.00 - 11.30 Morning Tea
11.30 - 1pm Educational Seminar on various topics i.e Digestion, Sleep, Stress (These seminars help to give you the resources you need to make the best choices once you leave)
1.00 - 2.00 Lunch
2.00 - 7 Dream time (Day spa bliss OUT!!)
7.00 - 8.00 Dinner
8.30 Bed

As you can see your days are full and there is plenty of quiet time. Lots of stunning walks to go on and one day I exercised 5 Hours!! for a person that has alway embraced The Lounge Lizard school of exercise that is amazing to me!
First 3 days are a bit murky as everyone detoxes the sugar, caffeine and other various dependencies but about the 4th day you start to feel cleansed and energised.
 The Daily exercise is in stunning surrounds with motivated trainers and you definitely feel that you are making long term changes due to the educational seminars that are held to reinforce the Practical exercise.
After the exercise and the lectures you have a endless list of spa options to sooth away the muscle stiffness from the morning. This is called Dream Time and it is aptly named.

When your whole afternoon is spent being cocooned in the most stunning day spa with a menu of holistic and therapeutic treatments you can't help but start to slow down.

I am now well and truly back into the daily grind of life and work now and look back longingly at my beautiful stay. But I am armed with the latest nutritional education and Gwinganna is sending me my weekly updates to help me keep on track.
I am sticking to their 80/20 rule on everything and have happily shed some excess weight and the and a huge weight off my shoulders as well.  The weight I lost feels so easy to keep off now that I know how to follow simple rules.

If you were thinking of going to a health retreat I can't recommend Gwinganna enough and would love to hear from anyone that has been and what their impressions were of this beautiful place.

My Room in The Signature Villas 
View from My Room


Blissful Bathtime over looking the pond

Very Happy on my first day!

Where daily Morning Tea and the Seminars are held

Some lucky Full time residence

Over looking one of the many herb gardens. Magnificent views of the Gold Coast Coastline

The Hanger where exercise, dance and one of the infinity pools

My Dream of the most relaxing places to visit at Gwinganna

For more information on Gwinganna go here

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Midsummers Nights Drinks

I had a little soiree in my home on Saturday night.
The Ladies Blinged it out of the Park!!
It was to thank friends and clients for all their support for the year.
We had a lovely time and because I like a sequins or two, the dress code was Bling.
Lots of lovely ladies and their gents came along.
Everyone looked stunning a fun time was had by all and I was so happy to see all my supportive friends in one room.
Anna, Marissa & Kirstin 

This is Dee she's been my friend since we were 16!! Her lovely partner Reny who is a talented Musician.

The Beautiful Jodie & Anna

Ladies having an elegant sit down

Me and Liz caught on each others sequins

I put up some beautiful lighting and I'm keeping it all up....everynight I go out and just love looking at my back yard now
Melinda Boundy, Tanya Milford & Liz Murrihy

Yes I had a costume change during the evening :) Beautiful Julie Ann Jacobsen

We're ready for our close up!

Maybe not!!

The Men did look good too...we gave them 1 photo :)

Early in the evening a sedate beginning

Lisa and Nigel

Danielle & Tom

Christine, Julie, Me, Elizabeth & My bestie Renee

My lovely brother Mark did the catering and it was Amazing!!! Here he is having a well deserved rest.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Clayfield Renovation

Painting Alabaster & Charcoal trim

Our renovation at Clayfield is coming to its final stages.
I am so happy with the final results and my lovely client is very thrilled.
It is so nice to breathe life back into such a glorious house and I am so very lucky that my client chose me to help with the journey.
We are now at the Interiors Stage and there are many selections to be finalised.
It is such a fantastic opportunity to do a house from scratch hard finishes as well as all the furniture.
Very nerve racking too because of so many decisions to be made and all AT ONCE! :)
Of course will keep you all posted once the furniture is installed for final reveal.
Just a few progress shots for you for now :)
Have a beautiful weekend.
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Alabaster & Charcoal detailing
Decking sanded and stained. The lacework has come back to life stunningly

We added all the ceiling detailing and new Cornicing.
The new Kitchen is stunning

Sourcing Lights from RedHill 

Two of the custom made Lily G Petit Salon chairs for around the fireplace. The colour of this velvet in real life is magical!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sugar Beach

Isn't it absolutely stunning!!
Sugar Beach A Viceroy Hotel in St Lucia..
Yes please. Such a beautiful peaceful and relaxing looking destination.
This is my goal destination for 2013!!
Who's coming with??

 I probably wouldn't opt for a white couch here...a little too perfect. Would love a really faded light blue perhaps. Nice rattan tray or something on the coffee table to break up all the white; but other than that I could snooze here in the afternoon.

 Or here