Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pretty In Pink

I'm posting pink rooms today. Pink is my mood de jour because I have just finished watching the cult classic "Pretty in Pink" on dvd. Well I say it's a cult classic. Wow was I ever that young?? I remember wanting red hair just like Molly Ringwald's and being devastated when Blain stood her up for the Prom!!  Watching Pretty in Pink has put me in the mood for more good old 80's classics, you know Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, St Elmo's Fire and really anything with Rob Lowe in it. Might even do a John Hughes Marathon tonight if The Man Person can stand it.  
Well other than tripping down memory lane with Molly Ringwald, I have had a relaxed and chilled weekend with my boys. They have watched too much T.V and I have spent too much time on the sofa with feet up and vino in hand and it's been blissful for all concerned. We took a quick trip to James St and purchased fresh Prawns and some other provisions and my darling Man Person made me the best Prawn sandwiches with Chili aioli,  butter lettuce and avocado on fresh white bread (sorry multi grain just doesn't cut it when it comes to a prawn sandwich.) I have also spent too much time stalking some new bloggers and in the process have come across some hysterically irreverent blogs that made said prawn sandwiches nearly choke me when I laughed so hard.  Other than that haven't done anything but just BE.

Sometimes it's good to stop and smell the lack of purpose.

So onto the Pretty....First to pay homage to the movie....Classic and gorgeous and made every girl want red hair and every boy want to wear loafers without sox and have beautiful hair and impossible names..

Ahh Andie I thought her dress was hideous but always loved her hair.....Molly Ringwald made red hair, pale skin and freckles very fashionable

Blain, Andie and Duckie a.k.a Andrew McCarthy (whatever happened to him?) Molly Ringwald and John Cryer who you might also recognise from Two and a Half Men.

Ahh the quintessential bad boy Steff. I'm sorry he was my pick. Might recognise James Spader from Boston Legal. Just loved his voice and the laissez faire manner in which he dealt with everyone...To my shame.

Now the rooms!!! But tell me you don't want to go and get the movie now and watch it!!

I love the rustic charm tempered with the pink chairs and what a stunning combination with the red
rug...and it that a pig on the mantle???

Jonathan Adler room of course. All Whimsical and fun. Pink and Zebra is still going strong. I myself are starting to feel the love for some leopard print here and there. It is very cool and not so everywhere...YET!!!

Now I know this room by Windsor Smith has been around the block a couple of times (at least!!) But Where to start?? The Chevron, The blue Ikat? The stunning infusion of jade and all the unframed art so perfect!! A Grand room tempered with Jute and a Chandelier to add some bling!! It always lifts my spirits and makes me want to go get some really good gelato!!

This is Designer Ruthie Sommers home. It is crazy. I can't imagine having one grumpy minute in this room.

This gorgeous piece of magic is by designer Frank De Biasi! Can I tell you how much I love the deep green and gold of those (what may or may not be) lamps. They are stunning and just perfect. Loving the seahorses and the water nimph (every home should have at least two!!)
The scolloped book case and the fabric is what I like to call Nanna chic and it is perfectly juxtaposed with the slim line chinoise table and the geometric rug. Thank God they didn't over colour co-ordinate their books I am starting to get very very tired of books either colour blocked or wrapped in brown paper. Books are your friends don't be ashamed of them and cover them in brown paper!!

I just love these chairs and the cushions looks like a great place to have a long chat with friends, while man servant type feeds us gorgeous nibbley bits and bubbles (or tea for the healthy people)

Suzanne Kasler very feminine. Bit too for me.

This one is a little too pretty for me normally but it is soo happy and love the green of the plants and that sheep is just gold! Plus love me a sun room!!!

See you tomorrow.x