Monday, May 16, 2011

Inspiration Board

 Doing a clients home at the moment on the river.  The house was built approximately 15 years ago and is of the Tuscan aesthetic. It is now a little dated and my client is ready to say goodbye to the Yellow facade and give it a big face lift, so with a little bit of imagination and some handy men we are changing it into the gorgeous Caribbean inspired dream home my client has always wanted.
She has lots of existing pieces that I am incorporating into the scheme (with some much needed paint jobs) and her amazing river side position means half my job is done already by the fantastic views...all I have to do is bring the blues and greens inside!!!

Love Blue & Green together with lots of white.
Natural flooring always a good thing.

Ralph Lauren does it always so well....

Client has some existing Javanese pieces that are being revamped

These cushions from Lily G will go in perfectly

Putting in Tripod Lamps 

This shot is inspiration for her deck ares

My mood board for her job.


  1. You happen to have nailed my colour inspiration perfectly. Gorgeous images here.

  2. Beautiful colours, I look forward to seeing your client's home when its finished. Mimi x

  3. Your mood board looks great! You always do green, blue and white so well!!! Sounds like an exciting job...

  4. Looks like it's going to be a show stopper, have a great Wednesday:)
    Sarah. ( I worked out why your blog didn't show up when I tried to google it, I put lily g with two 'L's)... yes I know, spaz.