Friday, April 8, 2011

Aerin Lauder has my life!!!

All images from Habitually Chic and before that lots of stylish magazines.

Seriously!!! She's beautiful, talented, familied up to the eyeballs (practically American Royalty), has never ending gorgeous cosmetic products to play with  and seems really lovely and is a mummy and does heaps of charity work and good deeds!!! Aaahhh!! Just was over at Habitually Chic and was drooling over all the exquisite rooms this women has the choice to languish in! I try not to get envious of anyone but me be a bright green right now!! Oh and seeing she has some spare time she's launching her own range. Everything from decor items, perfume and jewellery. Right she is going into the folder where I put India Hicks (the too good to be a mere mortal female folder) I'm off to eat a celery stalk!! ps I googled 'Aerin Lauder looking crap' and was told to take my un-American thoughts somewhere else!!
Now where is my ball gown!!


  1. Oh that is funny! I am off to have a look. Enjoy the weekend. ;-)

  2. I totally agree with you, i was lucky enough to meet her a few years ago, I used to work for Clinique, part of EL companies as you probably know. It was on a trip that my counter had one, we visited theEstee Lauder company in New York. Aerin popped into one of the talks we were having and had chat and like you say is lovely and very down to earth.
    Thanks for reminding me as I had forgotten about that time in a previous life, lol......before children!!!
    Claire x

  3. hahahahah Aerin Lauder looking crap - that's hilarious.

    What a beautiful life....

    Have a gorgeous weekend.


  4. Oh she's definitely your girl crush then!! Mine is Jemima khan! Just opened house & garden - nice work it looks lovely. Love your blog! LovT