Friday, September 23, 2011

Fatten me up!!

Off to Byron Bay for a week with my darling offspring. We are renting a cute little beach house and just de-stressing and parring back on life, lots of books, beaches and board games.
So in the name of family unity (and mummy's sanity) I have banned the following with the 2 delights of my life.
1.Fighting! I know I dream.
2. Nagging. Do NOT repeatedly plead with mummy nine hundred & ninety nine times to turn around and get electronic brain draining games which is huge catalyst for aforementioned fighting.
3. ANYTHING that is not conducive to me having a rest,. especially stopping at any money depleting establishment that incorporates the word "WORLD" into it's branding.

 I know this all sounds a wee bit selfish and old school but my kiddies need to turn down the sound and turn up the imagination these holidays and mummy needs to enjoy some slow life movement with them, not chase them around hopped up on preservatives.

But before the boys and I do that I am going to enjoy a few days at The Byron on Byron resort eating yummy food at The Vogue Living event that is being held there.
I will keep a report and let you know if it is as good as I hope it will be. I mean read this, sounds impressive right?? I'm not eating today so I can make a big (but civilised) piggy of myself tonight!!

The 2011 Vogue Living Champagne Dinner, in association with the Champagne Bureau, will be held on Friday 23 September.This is the most prestigious event on the annual Byron at Byron culinary calendar.

Internationally loved Chef Warren Turnbull, of Sydney’s two hatted Restaurant Assiette in Surry Hills, will prepare a lavish five course French degustation matched with five of the world’s finest Champagnes.

This is the fourth consecutive Vogue Living Champagne Dinner to be held at The Byron at Byron and guests can expect yet another spectacular dining event. 

Have a great weekend


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Concept for new client

Busy bee's here doing lot's of beautiful spaces.
Here's a few inspiration shots and pieces I am using in a new home at Camp Hill.
Doing our signature caribbean feel, with a mix. Think Ernest Hemingway and India Hicks.
It will look divine and even better the clients are such lovely people who agree with all my concepts!! THat's the best!!

The open plan living area

Using this console

love this feel

Outdoor area 

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bits n Pieces

Well the dreaded flu/virus/epidemic has finally lifted from my house and all asunder seem healthy and relatively happy...hmm knock on wood.

Been super busy with many a decorating job and fine tuning our beautiful cafe. I have been overwhelmed at the amazing response from clients and new customers about the coffee shop, I feel that it has really filled a void in the coffee shop arena. We have ladies come in and sit for big long chats with their friends and there is no hustle or bustle just a lovely respite from the outside world.
Decorating front: I have done a beautiful fresh spring window this week and all our new stock is coming in waves. You have told me you want blue & white and now the shop is full. I have new coral coming in next week and lots of beautiful one off pieces and all my oddities that I love so much.

Very exciting news I have a lovely client who is a wee bit of a celebrity and will be doing her gorgeous home down in Byron Bay....more on that at a later date.
Don't you just love spring ?!? I for one am feeling totally re-energised!! My lovely shop looks amazing and people are popping in after a winter hibernation.  Give me a call at Lily G if you want to re-energise your home.

Lots of blue & white and gorgeous temple jars

I am working on my new website at the moment so keep tuned.