Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Soiree

Lily-g guests listening to Bernadette O'shea imparting some wisdom regarding.. drinking lots and lots of Champagne. My Partner Michael and my lovely Guests.
Bernadette in Lily-g giving her talk. We had the loveliest Champagnes.
Packed House!!!

Our Soiree

And a lovely night was had by all.... Our Champagne & Chandelier evening was a huge success. Bernadette O'shea was as gracious and engaging as always, Kathy Heath did a charming talk on setting the perfect dinner table and all my staff were gorgeous wearing their Lily-g aprons. The waiters looked rather fine in their aprons as well ( but not too sure if pom-poms on men will become a trend.) lol. We raised a substantial amount for Breast Cancer awareness and everyone got to taste 3 delicious Champagnes all on a MONDAY NIGHT!!....Thank you to all that attended.

This is our signature Chandelier which had pride of place for the evening. We had Tulips, Snap-Dragons, Peonies and Roses (I KNOW!!! Peonies in March??? Love Qantas)

These yummy and beautiful Cup-Cakes were donated on the night by Nim Alan who makes fabulous cakes:- . Thanks Nim x My lovely shop...This is the Caribbean room lit up and viewed from the street.

The Caribbean Room inside...candles, leather suitcases, mini pineapples and lots of palms.

Our gorgeous table...Lauren did the flowers..Peonies and Roses. Baby cake stands with our dragonfly place card holders and our new beautiful linen. More photo's to come....