Monday, March 29, 2010

Well we are in work....waiting for the "Event" to start. Will post many, many photo's to let you have a laugh. xx

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

" There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of Champagne" Bette Davis

Again sitting up late at night doing a tad bit of blogging to detach from the long day of working on shop, attending school functions and trying to fit in some semblance of normality in my life. Soooo I thought I would be a good girl today and book an appointment with my friendly female G.P. I was long overdue for a check up, and seeing as I am turning 40 in June I thought it was time to be a responsible adult and give the cholesterol, liver function and the lady bits all a thorough once over so I can rush head first into my 41st year without any backward glances or worries that I'm taking my health for granted etc etc.

1st lesson I learnt today.....Friendly Female G.P. Not so Friendly!!!! Apparently seeing as I am turning 40, I am "Now on my way TOWARDS MENOPAUSE!!!! HELLO????? isn't 40 the new 30???? Can someone please call up my dumb doctor and let her in on the secret that ALL OF THE MAGAZINES ALREADY KNOW!! and have been assuring me of for all of this time......40 is wonderful!!! And not old!! Really! it???? Well I know it's not young but....oh well what the hell..I feel young inside....Very immature in fact :)

2ND lesson.....Big Son's Easter Service is no place for Little Son...When Jesus is being nailed to cross as he is every year and all is quiet and sombre in big hall full of teachers, school students and parents. 4 year old yells in very accusatory tone "It's the same ending as last year!!!" Apparently judging by glares from very intense Alpha mummy sitting near me....laughing at my devilish off springs innocent outcry is not the acceptable response. Must remember to be more appropriate.

3rd lesson.....There is more than one way to set a table! Crisis point!! I am throwing lovely soiree to celebrate my ownership of Lily-g. I have invited lots of V.I.P clients, Architects and important Business like people. In my typical Melinda impetuousness and lacking any sort of for-site to how absolutely flat out I would be, I promised a small talk on the "perfect table setting" But there are soooo many table settings! I can't decide....Do I do Easter table to be seasonal? dinner table? Lunch?? Brunch?? Country??? I am over-idea-d (new word) with all the information regarding tables settings, and frozen with indecision! And using too many exclamation marks!!!

But on good note my lovely speaker Bernadette O'Shea who is Australia's absolute expert on Champagne is giving a talk and notes on some yummy Champagnes we have chosen for the night as well as signing her fabulous book..."Champagne and Chandeliers" So all is not too bad. Also, my store is looking absolutely gorgeous, so all of the hard work is paying off and my boys love their old worn out rocketing towards Menopausal mummy so it is a happy day after all....maybe.

p.s Doesn't "How to throw a B.B.Q" have a nice ring to it??

Lovely Bernadette...I think I need a little drink of something...not very impressionable at all am I??

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Mellie went to Market.....she got Bling!
OK, So I'm a Gemini, therefore I collect sparkly stuff.
It is in my D.N.A. I am a bower bird I fly from location to location and anything that is shiny/sparkly...I am compulsed to have...especially gold sparkly or silver sparkly, I just have to have it. I then take said sparkly item home to the groans and bemusement of all my friends and their cries of "Not another gold/silver sequins shirt, skirt, top, purse etc. (and in reality never end up wearing it just a mad un controllable compulsion)
So it is to my extreme happiness that as owner of MY OWN store and therefore controller of stock purchases and the big decision making...I get to go NUTS!!!! and get what ever I want! yay!
So when I saw the new Sophie Kyron range I fell head over heels with it and am going to add it to the little jewellery cabinet that in front of my shop and watch it all twinkle happily.
But I'm betting this time my friends will want some too..
Beautiful for Winter. Can't wait for it to arrive.
This is their signature piece and rightly so.
The Joys Of Retail 'Be careful what you wish for' is an age old adage that is ringing true for me in the running of Lily-g. I wanted new stock and by god I'm getting it!! By the much in fact that I am finding it hard to get it out onto the shelves. Oh well more working bees for this Thursday and Sunday. Also, a huge box turned up today, which is about the size of the divine french double vanity that I ordered! Either that or there's a fridge sitting up on my mezzanine level. I have jewellery, fabric, throws, candles, bath products, pots, plates, cups and cutlery everything BUT the kitchen sink but I DO have the bathroom one. lol Soon the bed I ordered will arrive and I'll set up the boudoir upstairs and then if I get too exhausted I'll just sleep at the shop!! So please if someone sees my family tell them I love them and mummy will be home soooooon.
Charming and authentic old battered suitcases have arrived...lovely for storing linen, photo albums, baby keepsakes.
Hooked on pineapples as you will be able to tell by my carribean room.
Lovely occasional table for your entry or loungeroom.
This Camper Desk is stunning in real life and have found the perfect chair to go with it. Very Ernest Hemingway.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fabulous Chairs At Lily-G Was reading Judy's blog and to my surprise and delight saw that she had shown 2 of the gorgeous chairs we are stocking in lily-g's Carribean/Coastal room (the bottom style are in a beautiful dark timber but white looks great too). I have two of the chairs from the top picture myself and they are fabulous! They also have pockets in the side for tucking your morning paper into while you sip your coffee...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Painting & Sometimes Decorating

Well have finished first two coats of paint (pistachio green doesn't go down without a fight!!) and probably need another two before I can call it Caribbean White....then it's full steam ahead! Have picked the wallpaper and the deliveries have started....12 boxes arrived today alone! So tomorrow, myself and my busy little team of worker bees are going to be unpacking, invoice checking, computer inputting and then displaying all my lovely, lovely goodies that piggy brought back from market...SO EXCITED!!!
Got all the new staff who are fabulous, and lovely and very user friendly for a boss that has her learner plates on. The girls are fully qualified decorators, designers and over all creators of gorgeousness. I am a very happy bear (insert smiley face here....I'm too embarrassed)
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This looks so pretty. We are getting similar Charger plates at lily-g. Wonder
what was served up?? Sorry am girly girl love pink and green together. What a
wonderful colour in the the candles sticks....gush gush
What a beautiful happy space. I love the light fixture with all the collected beach flotsam and shells.
Loving the soft mint and the tin pannelling on the front of what must be the FRIDGE!!
That is absolutely gorgeous.
Aaah whats not to love in this kitchen?? Strong and clean, with fabulous
cabinetry and the panelling is gorgeous. Perfect balance to the soaring white exposed beam ceiling We are getting big cane shades similar to this and
I think they will look perfect in my Carribean room.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Claude Monet was so far ahead of his time. I have always found his use of colour inspirational and his gardens in Giverny are a must see experience if you go to France. Monet's house
The can't see them, but there are
dozens of copper pots hanging, just ready for making
preserves, terrines and all sorts of yummy french country
When I went to Monet's house I bought his cook book, it has all
his favourite recipes from his life in Giverny.
Friends and I had a Claude Monet dinner party. We all
prepared a dish from his book, decorated the table in gorgeous
flowers and lots of mismatched french crockery and drank french wine.
After dinner we got the paints out and did our best impressions
of french impressionism!
A great evening! lots of fun, creative..and best of all...lots
of food!! Highly recommend it!
No wonder he was inspired to paint!!! His fabulous
gardens and water lilies outside....and these amazing
rooms inside.....Now where are my canvases and easel again??
Love old trunks for stacking, coffee tables and storing all your old baby keepsakes.
On my wish list....authentic vintage Louis Vuitton!!
Travel was once so grand...high tea on the main
deck, dinner dances and lulled to sleep with the
rolling waves. A tad different to the travel "experience" now don't you think??

Monday, March 8, 2010

If I get my way and I can downsize
my house on the bay for something
smaller closer to the city I will be able
to finally buy my dream 'beach shack'
Nothing grand or over the top (budget won't allow it anyway)
I just want a little house that we can fix up
and spend the weekends in. Bare floors, high
ceilings and big verandahs with lots of lush green
and hopefully a sniff of the ocean (not expecting views ha!)
These pictures are mainly from a beach house from
the site Coastal living, and I think they are a
fabulous example of the fun you can have when decorating a
a little beach shack. The colour pallet is one that
has always inspired me. Pristine white with fabulous teal, aqua and green
accents. Fun, childlike fabrics and clean fresh lines.....all beautifully
executed and all do-able on a small budget..hunting for all the
accessories would be half the fun.

Friday, March 5, 2010

If you were driving past lily-g last night and looked in you would have been witness to the most impractical moving team in the history of furniture manoeuvring!!!! Me (with my ineffectual muscles) and my lovely friend Tanya with the help of her sister Lisa were attempting to move a very large and ridiculously heavy buffet into the other side of the shop. There were many pauses for strength building glasses of Cloudy Bay and team building laughter but alas it proved too heavy and way too funny. Thank you to the lovely man out with his wife on a walk who came in and took charge and moved it while his fabulous wife had a twilight shop :) Oohh the glamour!! p.s bet he won't walk past our way again at night.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I know I might seem a little
obsessed with bedrooms at
the moment, but with a new
business to run and two small
little boys...sleep seems to be
becoming an obsession. I like
elements in all these bedrooms.
Definitely the last one with
the white bamboo four poster
would be a haven of heavenly
snugness. Which one suits your
sleep fantasy?? They are all
different but all appealing in
their own right.
Love how the bold print on the
floor just packs a clean punch
amongst all that feminine billowy white.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I love this room from Velvet and Linen it is such a great use of space and such an inviting area to sit and have chats with friends. Love how the television is no where to be seen and that the chairs are all positioned for conversation and not for watching t.v I'll take watching the fire any day. Love the corner where she has collected pieces more so for their shape and the contrast of tones and textures than for any purpose. The balance is lovely.