Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lily G New Website and Country Music Rising Star

Well we all survived a tonne of Chocolate and I have just ordered a huge box of fruit and veggies to go on a week long detox fast....I'll see how long I can hold out!! Ha ha!!
Me being the spontaneous girl that I am decided at the last minute that a 2 day break to a child friendly resort was a much better idea than cooking and preparing for a family of 12 for Emerson's Easter Birthday extravaganza. So I have no beautiful Easter table photo's to show, but we did have a fabulous time at The Marriott  and I highly recommend it if you want a family friendly break.
What is news though is that a couple of months back a young Country singer named Jacqui Ryan recorded her music video in my store. She is a lovely, talented girl and we were so delighted that they decided that Lily G was the perfect location for her video..If you ever wanted to see my store Lily G up close and personal and listen to a beautiful song at the same time go here .
More news...Our new Website is up!!! Sooo exciting!! There are a few little tweeks to be done but I couldn't wait (very impatient actually :)) Hope you like The New Look!! Let me know what you all think!!
Lily G new website here .
A bit of sad news the cafe attached to my store has been closed indefinately. My brother (who has been running it for me) has been offered a fabulous job elsewhere and I am too busy with Decorating to give it the attention and investment of time that it needs. I would rather not do something if I can't do it absolutely to the best of my ability so I am closing it pending another tenant wanting to take it on.
We are concentrating on what we do best....Decorating & Design and Home Inspirational pieces.
Have a brilliant Week!!